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Discussion in 'Tesla' started by Pushmi-Pullyu, Dec 22, 2017.

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    So Tesla can now sell its cars in Rhode Island. I would like to see an updated article on how many and which states allow Tesla sales, stores, and service centers.
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    From USA Today: "Mixed review: Edmunds hits the road with Tesla's Model 3"

    I take Edmunds.com's reviews quite seriously. I think they try hard to do objective reviews, unlike many or most auto review magazines, which generally run articles and reviews biased in favor of auto makers. And unlike Consumer Reports, whose various reviews of Tesla cars seem to vary whimsically, almost wildly, perhaps by what mood the reviewers are in that day, Edmunds.com's car reviews seem well-informed, as well as actually fair and balanced.

    Edmunds says, in part:

    Tesla's scramble to increase its Model 3 production seems to have adversely affected Model 3 build quality, at least on the basis of our tiny sample of one. Body panel gaps are inconsistent, reflecting a lack of attention to detail, and this applies not only to our own car but even to Model 3s we've seen on display.
    I've seen some sharply differing opinions on this subject, with many or most actual Model 3 owners saying they didn't notice any fit-and-finish issues, and any problems are the very minor sorts of imperfections seen on almost any car. But if Edmunds.com says there is a problem with the build quality, then I think the issue should be taken seriously.

    But they still like driving the Model 3:

    Those issues aside, we enjoy driving the Model 3. It feels sorted and sporty when you're driving around turns, and the electric motor delivers plenty of thrust. It's dramatically quicker and more engaging to drive than other popular EVs such as the BMW i3 and the Chevrolet Bolt. That premium feel experienced in the Model S and the Model X is also present.​
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    I think that these are the same types of complaints people have had about Tesla for... oh, I dunno, 6 years or so? Somehow Tesla gets through them just fine. ;)

    Having said that, we are hoping that the Model 3 is the first model to truly bridge between the EV enthusiast and the average car buyer. So we aren't sure if the average buyer is going to be as patient and excited as all of us fanboys are.

    But just like other technological advancements, I'm thinking that once they start driving the Model 3 (or other EVs) a significant number of the 'average' buyers will become EVangelists just like us!

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