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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by MCSqrd, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. I think it's pretty legit to assume that no one at Hyundai knows their *** from their elbow. Could they be clueless AND manipulative? I'd believe it.
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  2. Domenick

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    I'm going to start a thread specifically for wraps, so if you take pictures, could you please post them there? Thanks in advance!
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  3. fiercely

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    OK got in touch with Hyundai Canada. The trim is not cancelled. But no eta was provided. Then at the dealership tune change. Now another deposit later looks like now I am promoted to a serious customer. I feel I should be a bit angry but they are smart and let me drive one. It's sooooooo nice.

    I have no explanation for their behavior. Back to waiting... Such a nice drive though!
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  4. fiercely

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    It really felt like a bait and switch to be all the way honest. Like I am the idiot trying to give them money why make it so hard?
  5. fiercely

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    Did I mention they tried to sell me two-tone (black top, white body) for $500 when it is clearly labelled at $300 on the website. Like really guys? Ugh, the more I think about it the more I forget how nice the drive was, so I will just put it aside for now but come on!
  6. Okey-dokey. So maybe my torturous story has an ending? After two days of backing and forthing, including calls from my dealership owner, the Central Canada distribution head and customer service, it appears I will have the car Saturday. I was this close to jumping ship yesterday but I decided to stick with my original dealer and car - mostly because they admitted their missteps and apologized. I also got $1000 off the cost of my winter tire set-up. So now it's just about the car. Let's see how that goes.

    And they also insist that they have heard and are passing along my complaints and experience to all levels of the company. I hope that is the truth. They really blew it here.
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  7. Looks like you will have yours 2 days before me.
    Dealer says they have my blue Kona and I will be picking it up on Monday.
    Congratulations on the tire discount, I'll just be happy enough to finally put an end to the wait, but we will see on Monday if the config etc is proper.
    s/n 022465, munufacture date Dec22/18.
    Funny we both get ours at the same time
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  8. I actually don't know my build date yet. I'm curious to see the door sticker. The only coincidence I see is that we are both equally unlucky!
  9. EVatLast

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    That is so awesome! Congrats :D
    Way to go with the tires. Glad they ponied up for something.
  10. I had the unique opportunity to see a Kona EV in the flesh today. I know it's not a big whoop to most of you but for me it's been a long time coming.

    My dealership got a tester. One day before mine was delivered. I was furious that there were people at my dealership who could actually drive a car before I did. After exploding I decided to breathe and check it out.

    It was a grey one, a colour I don't much like. But I thought the car looked solid, somewhat portly and, yes, a bit nondescript in person. It has less immediate personality than the gas Kona.

    I really liked the nose. It was less plasticky than in photos and the lights and chrome highlights are subtle and we'll integrated.

    I think the butt is pretty meh. Those deeply sculpted, cascading lines which comprise the rear bumper look like a fairly pedestrian way to break up a potentially large expanse of grey plastic. Not very creative and probably just cheap. I wonder if a license plate might break it up a bit? I'm thinking now that some of those chrome accessories for the rear might be worth the bucks.

    I didn't see my car. It was inside being prepped, so I didn't see the blue. I've been dubious about it but hope to be pleasantly surprised.

    I'm also holding my breath about my first impression of the interior. That has been my greatest want since forever. Pray for me.

    Overall, for the first time in weeks, I'm pretty stoked. Let's see how tomorrow goes. Wish me luck.
  11. CJC

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    Wildeyed I am keeping my lips zipped until you have your car for fear that
    I was waiting to write anything after you got your car, but I can't help but jump in and say I am so glad you are stoked! Staying tuned for more news.
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  12. fiercely

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    Sadly Wildeyed because dealers are so fast and loose is the only reason I got to test drive a Kona the other day.

    That said it was....
  13. EnerG

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    Glad to have you back. I hope you are too busy driving your new KonaEV to respond to this.
  15. EnerG

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    Personally I am not a fan of blue cars, but when I first saw my Ceramic Blue car I was pleasantly surprised. The color has a grey tone to it that offsets the blueness enough to make it my favorite Kona color.
  16. fiercely

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    Ottawa dealer ships look like they have started showing kona ev inventory. Anyone in Ottawa preordered an Ultimate?
  17. There's been a few in Ottawa for a couple weeks. Drove me nuts!
  18. slamdunk6

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    i have put my deposit down for a 2 colour (blue + white) preferred trim kona ev with hyundai in richmond bc since jan 2019. but due to my financial issue, i would like to bail out, but dealer said i cannot unless i pay the $1500 penalty to hyundai canada. is there a way i can get it done without the penalty? can i sell my reservation to someone?
  19. Check your paperwork for contract terms - if there even IS a contract. Unless they changed procedures the deposits are usually refundable until build or delivery is imminent.
  20. Domenick

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    I'm not sure. Doesn't sound legit to me, but I'm no BC car sales expert. Maybe try calling Vehicle Sales Authority of BC. (604-574-5050)

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