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    Correction.....the Plug-Share site is more accurate than whichever map I used to see only 3 DCFCs. There are actually 7 DCFCs in Alberta and one listed as under construction. Four (24 kw) are located at VW or BMW dealerships, one (solar power assisted 50 kw) at a "Simons" store at Londonderry Mall in Edmonton (kudos to them!!), and the remaining two (and a third under construction) at Canadian Tire stores which are 50kw as well. Canadian Tire charges $20/hr for the DCFC charge which some people believe is too high. The rest appear to be free for the time being.

    However not a single charger is anywhere near the highways that would be traveled during long distance trips. Most are in the heart of the respective cities and would require one to fight traffic into and out of those areas adding considerable time to yet another of the lay-person's complaints about EVs......too much time to "refuel" vs ICE.

    Trans-Canada route doesn't seem to have materialized as of yet. Perhaps in the near future (hopefully).
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    We have one fast DC charger downtown, free. So I go out of town and return with little or no charge and drive straight to the fast charger. Once it reaches 90%, head home and let my L2 finish.

    Owning a plug-in, BMW i3-REx, this is what happened when I did EV outbound and gas to home:
    My understanding is SuperChargers don't pick your pocket as much as the two I had to use.

    Bob Wilson
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    Dealer called today, will be getting my Kona in January! He said production would be in Oct, Nov, and Dec, and deliveries first three months of 2019. Am happy to be in the early batch. Wish it could have been earlier, though, that's right in the coldest month and I'll be breaking it in on ice and snow. Looking forward to the heated seat and steering wheel! Now got to have the charger installed... yesssssss. Most probably going with EvDuty.
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    First post here :)!
    I preordered my Kona in Quebec 3 months ago. They told me I was going to receive it in October. I haven't heard any news Hyundai so I suppose I will have to wait until next year
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    Hey, I'm ordering in Alberta too (Calgary). I haven't received an email from Hyundai, I hope my dealer didn't mess things up! I'll watch this forum for hopefully getting the prices. Order Preferred trim (not Ultimate).
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    I didn’t see the Preferred trim as an option.....only Ultimate. How did you reserve..... online or at the dealer? If the dealer is accepting deposits on the Preferred trim maybe it will be later availability and only top trim levels will be in the first wave of deliveries. I placed my deposit on July 10 and received email from Hyundai on Sept 11. Curiously, the only dealers listed as EV certified back in July were in Calgary and that’s where I left my deposit. I’m just outside Edmonton and now the website includes Edmonton dealers as EV certified so I guess one of those dealers lost my business by dragging their feet getting EV certified.

    Incidentally I now see the Hyundai Canada website is now offering pre-sale of the Ioniq Electric in both trim levels.
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    Check with your dealer. I'm in Montreal region, and received an e-mail from Hyundai and a follow-up call from my dealer the next day. Looks like deliveries will be starting in January.
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    Pre-ordered direct with dealer (country hills). When I saw website pre-orders , I went to closest dealer to check out the gas version. They said they could do it directly. I think I'm going to be in a later batch. Not advertised, but you can order the lower preferred trim apparently.

    Price estimated to be 41-43k for preferred, 48-50k for ultimate. Have you heard anything about price?
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