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  1. jim

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    This GM forum needs to add the SPARK EV. It was and is the most efficient and affordable Electric in the US. I have a used 2015 and it still goes 100 miles on a charge without the air cond or heating running. EVen with them on it can go 70-80 miles or more.
    The DC Fast Charging which was an option is the best in the country. It never slows down all the way to almost 100%. It always gets to 100% in 30 minutes or less even when it's almost at 1 mile range.
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  2. Cypress

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    My 2014 with 33,000 miles seems to be down to 16kWh. But I’m getting about 80miles range.

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  3. WadeTyhon

    WadeTyhon Active Member

    Interesting, sounds like it's still holding close to the EPA range. Great to hear!

    I would usually get over 90 miles in my Spark. But I traded it in before hitting 15k miles. I take it you used to get a similar range?
  4. Cypress

    Cypress Active Member

    I bought it used in the early spring last year. It was showing about 70miles range on the GOM. Over the summer that went up to about 86miles. In the winter it was down to about 60miles.
  5. WadeTyhon

    WadeTyhon Active Member

    Not too bad! The good news is that the bulk of degradation happens pretty early. After that the battery is likely to degrade more slowly.

    If I remember right, SparkEV (it might have been another commentor) on the main site said he had something like 50k+ miles and was showing less than 5% degradation... and that was with fast charging regularly.

    So you can probably count on your 80+ miles in the summer for the next several years.
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  6. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    A quick look shows 215 used Spark EVs out there at the moment, with prices ranging from $7,485 to $13,995. There's a 2016 outlier for $27,135 with 2 miles on it, also.
    Not too shabby. Just wish it was a little bigger (or the Leaf had a more robustly engineered battery).
  7. Cypress

    Cypress Active Member

    The weird thing is, by looking at the percent of battery used and kWh consumed, I am calculating about 16kWh capacity. The 2014 has a 21kWh battery with 19kWh usable. A 3kWh drop from 19kWh relates to almost 16% drop. My car does not have DCFC, but I charge every day on my L2 Charger. Live in a pretty mild climate.
  8. WadeTyhon

    WadeTyhon Active Member

    Hmmm that seems like a much larger drop than others are seeing. Especially since you're still getting 80+ miles in the summer. You are getting about 5 miles/kWh? That's about what I would get in the spring but that number would drop when the summer or winter came around. (Summers here are 100+ degrees regularly)

    Thing is, as far as I'm aware GM never gave us the actual usable kWh of the pack. So people's reports of how much is usable is all over the place. I've seen as low as 17 kWh and as high as 19+ kWh (So I've always assumed somewhere between 85% and 90% was likely. Making the usable portion of the pack is a bit over 18 kWh)

    Keep tracking it! It would be very good to know how it continues to hold up over time. How are you calculating the kWh being used? From your charge station? From the dash? Or do you have a tool to use with your OBD port?

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