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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rob Lay, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Rob Lay

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    I have used solar panels a couple times. When hiking in Alaska we were 50 miles from any power and gas generators not allowed. I had a portable solar panel I used to charge up batteries to keep my phone, GPS, and sat phone charged. At farm in Oklahoma we put solar panels on the hay barn. Unfortunelty Oklahoma not good about paying for the power, but will credit your account back to zero every month. Power company not easy to work with, they hate customers with solar!

    We're waiting to see how home battery technology evolves, we would like to do that eventually.

  2. freedomv

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    Lead works great, lots of low cost reliable tech to chose from and by the time in 5-6 yrs they need replacing, lithium will have
    dropped 60%.
    Best is golfcart batteries should be $80 each plus core and give about 1kwh each. Get them from a car parts store and they bargain way down as batteries are marked you 100%+.
    I generally use 2-3kwh/kw of solar and a DC generator to recharge the battery directly, efficiently.
    East Penn/Deka, Johnson Controls are the quality low cost ones and they make many of the name brands.
    I'm doing Volt modules which are under $100/kwh but no BMS yet but will have one soon for those I sell. My own I do volt limit charging and a out of balance warning system that detects anything wrong from a cell to a bad connection.
    Lithium really isn't cost effective over $200/kwh so for now used EV modules are the only cost effective choice.
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  3. Rob Lay

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    good info freedomv!
  4. jim

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    I'd never use Lead Acid batteries. They are toxic and have short life so life cycle they cost more.
    Much better choices are Lithium or Nickle-Iron. When you normally replace lead acid the Nickle keeps going for 20 years. That's about 3 to 4 sets of Lead acid.
    You can even go Off GRID but to really get even use the power company like they want to use you. They can give you super low rates Off Peak and if you also have an Electric car. Then just use them Off Peak or as back up if you ever run low on a charge. Play their game and win.

    Check they on
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  5. freedomv

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    Apparently you've never used NiFe as they lose 10%/day, only 60% efficient to charge thus require a 30% larger solar system to make up the losses.
    They cost more than lithium which also is still too costly but lithium is 99% efficient and no detectable drain losses.
    They cost 700%-1k% more than lead batteries. If they are so bad why do you have one in your car?
    I've been driving lead EVs for 26 yrs that also run my home, V2H, when needed and doing offgrid systems for 40+ yrs and there has never been a more cost effective new battery than lead. Hype doesn't count, $/kwh does.
    Only with the availability of used EV modules does lithium become cost effective for a limited group of people that can handle them. But we EV people know how. ;^)

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