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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by aapitten, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. JCEV

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    Please take some pics so that i can see what my rims would have looked like on a white Clarity :)
    Glad it all turned out !

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  2. amy2421

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    I will do soon! My car is so dirty that I've been too embarrassed to take any photos :) How are things working out for you?
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  3. JCEV

    JCEV Active Member

    Well I'm looking forward to it! Things are working out great, get my new car in 1 day! Always exciting getting new toys.
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  4. amy2421

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    Awesome! Are you getting another Clarity?
  5. JCEV

    JCEV Active Member

    No Clarity, unfortunately as Honda doesn't know when they can get it. Not sure if you saw this elsewhere but in a stroke of good luck Tesla called me last week. Since I cancelled my Tesla order in July and due to the court settlement I'm entitled to the Ontario 14k rebate off a Model 3 and they promised me delivery ASAP. So it worked out, I get another rebate and I get a car very quickly, ordered last week and I'm receiving it tomorrow.
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  6. megreyhair

    megreyhair Active Member

    Discount tire direct is basically out of snow tires that fit clarity or at least the popular 215/55R17.
  7. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    Awesome! I am so happy it worked out OK for you. Stick around and let us know how you like the Tesla compared to the Clarity! :)
  8. alex A

    alex A New Member

    Adding to this thread because that's where I got most of my information for my snow tires.

    I bought:
    Everything fits well, calipers clear, and no issues.
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  9. David Towle

    David Towle Active Member

    My Michelin X Ice tires say "Green X" which might be similar but I'm not sure.
  10. David Towle

    David Towle Active Member

    That's incredibly cheap, I paid almost that much for wheels alone. You sure your numbers are tight?
  11. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Unless they're made from recycled rice husks, I can't imagine Green X would mean anything other than a low rolling resistance design. Tire Rack says: Green X "is Michelin's assurance that the tire provides a level of energy efficiency among the highest in the market for its category without compromising other key characteristics, such as traction and tread wear."
  12. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    15437073092960.jpg 15437073092579.jpg 15437073092128.jpg 15437073091697.jpg 15437073091256.jpg
  13. Coast

    Coast New Member

    Another wheel that fits for those still shopping: Enkei EDR9, 17x7, offset 45, bolt pattern 5x100/5x114.3 (dual), hub bore 72.6, available in silver (441-770-0245SP) and black (441-770-0245BK). Mine came from Town Fair Tire, a chain in New England. They stock the black ones but ordered the silver at my request. Based on my looking around, Enkei seems to make more wheel styles with the high offset the Clarity needs than most other brands.

    2018 Clarity with Enkei EDR9 Wheels.jpg
  14. ralfalfa

    ralfalfa New Member

    Okay, I've been lurking in the various Honda Clarity "winter tire" threads for 3 months, and time to tell my story. I live in NE Ohio in the snow shadow of Lake Erie; avg yearly snowfall in my town is about 120 inches, though I've literally seen 79 inches in two days (back in 1996). The local authorities are generally VERY good about cleaning roads (lots of chemical warfare, i.e. salt, since there's big underground salt mines all over the lakeshore) but good snowtires are still a must.
    Like many posting here I wanted a second set of wheels; I would have preferred dropping to a 17" rim and simple steel wheels (like the Canadian Tire models talked about) but couldn't find a US source with the correct offset and wasn't willing to drive 8 hrs to go get them. So because wheels in the original specifications of the Clarity were available, I decided to stick with that. I ended up exploring (through trial and error) the various prior makes and models that have those specifications, and the Nissan Altima/Infinity/Maxima line turned out to be a widely available choice. I ended up buying some "aftermarket but duplicates of the originals" from Amazon. The link is here:

    Note they're sold out of this one; but the product description lists all the various makes and models that use the Clarity wheel size. Repeated here:

    "Nissan Altima 2002-2017, Nissan Sentra 2007-2017, Infiniti M45 2006-2010, Infiniti Q45 1996-2006, Infiniti G37 Sedan 2009-2013, Infiniti I30 1996-2001, Infiniti M37 2011-2013, Infiniti J30 1994-1997, Infiniti M35 2006-2010, Infiniti G35 Sedan 2002-2008, Infiniti I35 2002-2005, Infiniti G25 2011-2012, Nissan Maxima 1989-2017, Infiniti Q60 2014-2017, Infiniti Q70 2014-2017, Infiniti Q50 2014-2017"

    I bought one wheel initially, made sure it fit (plenty of room) and then bought 3 more and the lugnuts.

    I would have loved to go with Michelin Ice-X i3 tires, but similarly, couldn't find them locally or order them without waiting a month. So I went with Bridgestone Blizzaks, which were more expensive but have a bit longer treadlife than the Michelins in my experience (I've used both tires before on other vehicles). Only driven a little with the new wheels/tires and the increased tire noise is noticeable to me but not my wife or kids. The increased grip is VERY noticeable.

    End result: see pics. I had the chance to buy the wheels in a charcoal finish to match the car but it was another $300 and I'm not a big fan of the matching wheel/body thing. There's a decent chance I'll swap the wheels, use these "new" rims for summer and the originals for winter, since I don't like the latter as much.
    IMG_1896.JPG IMG_1897.JPG

    p.s. Sorry about how dirty my Clarity is and the rusty brake rotors- we've already had more than a foot of snow and today's the first dry sunny day in nearly three weeks. Welcome to NE Ohio!
  15. Robert_Alabama

    Robert_Alabama Well-Known Member

    These look to be identical to Nissan Maxima wheels. I bought a Maxima wheel as a spare. The hub was 66.1 mm and was slightly too deep for the Honda. I had to add a 66.1 mm to 64.1 mm hub centric ring and use a little jb-weld to build it up and pull it in toward the Rotor (make it fit the shallow hubs on the Honda). Also, the wheel I bought was made for mag type lugs, where the Honda uses radial lugs so I bought mag lugs to keep with the spare if I should need it.
  16. ralfalfa

    ralfalfa New Member

    Thanks, Robert_Alabama! I totally forgot to check the hub clearance (I was trusting a tire installer to take care of it) and I'm betting the installer didn't put them in. I had made sure there was minimal clearance but wasn't smart enough to checked the fit of the hub exactly. Luckily hub rings aren't pricey.
    I did make sure to switch to the non-radial lugs; that radial curve in the bolt holes is pretty obvious and the fake Maxima wheels were so obviously different I made sure to get that part right at least.
  17. Robert_Alabama

    Robert_Alabama Well-Known Member

    The Nissan wheels are made for much deeper hubs (about twice the depth of the Honda hubs).
    Heres what I did to get comfortable with them. I bought these adapters:
    You will need two sets for 4 wheels if you do exactly what I did.

    I used a loose hacksaw blade to cut the edge (phlange part) carefully from the ring so that the ring is completely flat (no overlapped edge). I used a block of wood and seated this into the Nissan wheel until I had about an tenth of an inch of the original hub space (66.1 mm) on the inside of the wheel. I then layered a relatively small amount of jb weld onto the outside of one of the 64.1 to 66.1 hub adapters (that I had not altered) and bumped it flush against the ring I had already installed (about a tenth of an inch contacting the wheel). This caused the jb weld to fill the gap and slightly push out the top of the ring. I cleaned the top of the ring (which is now nearly flush the inner side of the wheel and not too far from touching the rotor when installed). Now the shallow hub from the Honda will actually be inside the hubcentric ring like you want it to be when installed. It's up to you as to whether you want to go to the trouble of cutting the edges off the rings and installing them first. I guess it may be overkill since I don't think the Honda hub will protrude that far into the wheel anyway, but I wanted a good guide to make sure the innermost ring (unaltered ring) would be seated straight (not at an angle) and just how deeply I had installed it. I think you can manage those goals without going to that much trouble.
    Here's a couple of pics:[​IMG]
  18. Robert_Alabama

    Robert_Alabama Well-Known Member

    Also of note is that it helps to make you comfortable with what you are trying to do if you lay one of the existing Clarity wheels down beside the new one to see how the hub should mate to the wheel (and to look at the actual hub to see it's depth). Also, please ignore my messy silicone on the back of the center cap. Several of the tabs were broken on the Nissan cap that came with the wheel, and I didn't care enough to replace it with a Honda cap (just for a spare), but i didn't want the hole with no cap, so I just siliconed it in from the inside...
  19. ab13

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  20. ab13

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    That's a thing about not using the brakes much, the rust won't get wiped off as often.

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