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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    This was for a new 2018 Touring, correct? A fantastic price, congratulations! To help others in different states follow along for comparison, if you don't mind sharing what was the manufacture date (located on the driver door jamb, the mileage and color? It looks like the dealer price was 27,839 including the padding items $699 and $111 (both of which I'm pretty sure go to the dealer). Still that's $9,656 off of MSRP for a 2018 Touring which is really amazing.

    LZXRAY New Member

    Hi, 2018 Touring, made in November '18 per door jamb sticker, 40 miles at delivery, white paint, bought in Late March, included free Honda all-weather door mats. It was the last Clarity available on the lot, so dealer is motivated.
  3. ninja

    ninja New Member

    Hi ,
    Can you share the sales person's name? if possilbe, can you send me a quote in writing? I contacted several Honda dealer near LA. So far the best quote I got is 27,500. I tried to contact Honda world. However they don't have base model in stock now.

  4. hbqiao

    hbqiao New Member

    An question about the federal rebate for Clarity: is there an income limit to be eligible for $7500 rebate? I understand in California there will be no rebate if AGI is above $300K. Appreciate help here.
  5. SSSS

    SSSS New Member

    As long as you have 7500 tax for the year, you will get federal credit. No income limits as I understand.
  6. Krseddy

    Krseddy New Member

    Awesome! I got my ‘18 Touring OTD for $29,000.50, but that included them delivering it to my house on a flatbed because the dealership was on the other side of the state!
  7. ninja

    ninja New Member

    Spent whole day and went two dealer on July 4th. Finally bought a 2019 base model. $26300 +ttl. OTD 29248 from El Monte Honda.
    Thank S.L. for sharing the quote information.

    Really love the car.
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  8. hbqiao

    hbqiao New Member

    Base model in SoCal area, $26200 + ttl, OTD $28800, at least two dealers agreed with this price without hesitation. Really appreciate information posted here, it is very helpful for a smooth deal.
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  9. Steve H Truong

    Steve H Truong New Member

    2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid Touring Silver
    Purchased 7/4/2919 through Costco Auto Program
    $6000 off MSRP
    Manufacturer date June 2019
    Berkeley Honda in Berkeley
    Sale manager Brent T. Miletich
    Wanted a base model but there wasn't any available.
  10. Joe Cornish

    Joe Cornish New Member

    Where in SoCal? I asked a dealer in Socal if they would match that and they said no way.
  11. LAguy

    LAguy New Member

    DO NOT go to Keyes Honda Van Nuys.

    Bunch of crooks. I had everything confirmed by email, final OTD price for 2019 clarity base and verified the cashiers check exact amount and name. They confirmed by multiple emails that this is acceptable and they will not need my social nor run a credit check.

    I showed up after driving 80 miles with my drivers license, proof of receipt from bank, and cashier's check. Bill Batch started by acting nice. Showed me the car, got my information and started paperwork.

    The finance manager showed up and said that he wanted my social using it as an excuse to run ofac. An ofac can be run using Drivers license only and does NOT need your social. This is just a con to do a loan application once they have your social. I said no. Then the owner showed up and started pressuring me. i said show me in writing that ofac check needs a social. He started back-pedaling and saying this is company policy. Read below. Know your rights and refuse. I walked away.

    If anyone is interested, I will provide the full email trail of this experience.
  12. S L .

    S L . Member

    Got mine from honda world downey. Ninja got it from honda el monte

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  13. Bender

    Bender Member

    Someone posted on reddit that the dealer incentive on 2019s is nationwide (not just CA) from 4th of July through today. Anyone can confirm or deny?
  14. retrotink2

    retrotink2 New Member

    2019 Touring, White on Beige
    $30,830 + ttl (incl. dealer mat, door guard and mud guards)
    Can confirm that the salesperson also mentioned the incentive runs through today (the 8th)
    San Diego Area
  15. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    The Costco website has been a very reliable source of information about the rebate, it lists the current $6,000 California rebate as running from May 1st to July 8th. As with all rebates we now have to wait until it expires to find out if it will be repeated and if so will the amount be the same.
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  16. ninja

    ninja New Member

    Just remind California buyer that the application form for $1500 California rebate must be submitted within 14 days from the purchase date. Otherwise You will be disqualified.
  17. JCA

    JCA Active Member

    That isn't correct -- you have 18 months after purchase to submit the CVRP rebate application. There is a 14 day deadline to upload supporting documents *after* you submit the application if you don't do so at the time, and a 10 day deadline to resubmit corrected docs if they find a problem. And the special San Diego process gives 14 days after pre-approval to purchase a car, but that's extendable another 14 days and even if cancelled you can still apply through the regular process later. Source: My own laziness in filing for a now-approved rebate a month or so later, and

    However, right now there is a waitlist for funding, so applying sooner is probably better in case some funds get released.
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  18. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    So if you find a dealer that gives you only a $6,000 discount off MSRP - the dealer is still making full profit.
    Make sure you get a dealer discount on TOP of the $6K Honda incentive!!!
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  19. keith j klayman

    keith j klayman New Member

    For those wondering, the 6K dealer incentive has been extended:

    Manufacturer to Dealer
    $6000 Discount
    Valid: 07/09/2019 - 09/03/2019


    Dealer cash availability may vary geographically, by model trim or equipment levels, and may not apply if any available special lease or special financing program is selected. Your Authorized Contact will provide the most current incentive details.

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  20. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    California and Oregon only again as far as I can tell.

    Well realistically California only since Oregon is still completely out of cars.

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