Photos: Polluted cities see clean air and water amid coronavirus shutdown

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    Photos: Polluted cities see clean air and water amid coronavirus shutdown

    Metropolises in India, China and the United States see better air quality and clearer water

    Again, it is not the way one would have hoped for cleaner skies, it just reinforces the need for more EVs. People may claim that electricty generation causes pollution and that is true, depending on the source. However, that can be better controlled and better dispersed.

    In Los Angeles, the air quality, which is usually some of the worst in the nation, has turned into one of the cleanest compared to other major cities, according to IQAir. Even more impressive is the fact that the city has enjoyed its longest stretch of “good” air quality since 1995.

    Elsewhere in New Delhi, India, residents saw blue skies, which has become a rarity. According to an NPR report, the lockdown has led to less air pollution and cleaner water. That has resulted in an Air Quality Index at 45 during late March. Around the same time last year, the index was at 160.

    Other cities that have seen cleaner include Beijing, Paris, and Phoenix.

    The drop in pollution shows how deadly a role cars play in India’s pollution, said Delhi environmentalist Sunita Narain. (

    Here is An Arizona freeway on Thursday afternoon and Nitrogen levels are significantly down in my neck of the woods.


    New Delhi before and after the shutdown


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  3. Other than the pollen, the air quality is definitely more refreshing right now on the Island.:)
    Hopefully with the campgrounds closed and travel restrictions it will lessen the affects of the impending forest fire season.
    It might be easy to forget what happened in Australia and California recently attributable to climate change.
  4. Climate change is a hoax, isn't that what "our main law maker" believes? The pictures are probably just photoshopped.

    Some people are just completely ignorant and in their own little world where everything they believe is correct and they will never learn!
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  6. It looks like the lions are super relaxed, and the goats are loving life once again. Great article :)
    The killer whales around the island are once again free to rule without the tourist interference
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