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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by rescuedog1, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. rescuedog1

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    Hi there. I've been lurking for months, but this my first post. I've been driving the Clarity since February and I'm super happy with everything. I still need to get it in for it's first service (I'm right at 6000 miles) and will be happy to get that software fix on the HV range - a big thanks to everyone here for all the advice and things I have learned so far.

    Anyway, curious what Navigation settings you all use.
    If driving the touring: Faster Time, Shorter Distance, or Less Fuel?
    AND/OR do you have strategies for using Waze?

    I drive a lot of highway in a large metropolitan area with a lot of traffic issues. Waze, of course, gives me fastest time (close to the Honda Nav Fastest Time setting, but Waze is more responsive to real time problems)... sometimes that means driving 10+ miles out of the way! Does't that seem crazy in an electric hybrid, when that can be the difference between making it both ways on EV alone vs doing part of the drive in HV?

    To complicate things, that extra 10 miles will sometimes save me only 4-5 min, but can unpredictably, sometimes save 30 min or more!

    It's easy to say: set the Nav system to Shorter Distance or Less Fuel (Which one??) and then cross reference that with the Waze route distance. And sometimes, I do that. But when time is short, that extra several minutes sitting the driveway plotting things out is less than convenient.

    Funny, I never thought of these things when I drove the old SUV gas guzzling machine! LOL.
    So, I know the answer is "it hardly matters in the grand scheme of things" but I'm sure you guys are all geeked out like me on this... ;)

  2. Steven B

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    Well, until the apps get sophisticated and ask us what vehicle we are driving and how many miles of EV range we have left, they are all assuming petrol is being burned/compressed. So at this point in time, any routing guidance will not take into account running on electrons or petrol and you are right, if running on electrons maybe staying in traffic is better from a total carbon perspective than doing extra miles, certainly if that requires ICE initiation.

    When we're all counting carbon at some future date, we won't worry about these decisions because the software engineers will have updated the apps. There will be three options: shortest distance, shortest time, and least carbon.

    I have heard that some of the routing apps in luxury electric cars are starting to consider terrain in their algorithms.
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  3. --> just my $0.02 worth: The new ios-12 OS from apple will allow navigation apps (i.e. Waze).
    Waze has real time diver updated traffic accidents, police, construction, etc. Garmin may pick up some from the FM radio stations, not certain.
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  4. Tangible

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    I'm eagerly awaiting iOS 12 CarPlay with Waze. I don't trust either Honda's or Apple's routing, so I've been resorting to Waze on my phone, propped up awkwardly on the dash.

    What we really need is a GPS system that knows the car's capacities and our planned route. and allocates the hydrocarbons and electrons optimally. This isn't a challenge for the hardware; it only requires some software integration of existing systems in the car.
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  5. insightman

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    Unless operating the climate-control system while stopped is taken into consideration, wouldn't shortest distance and least carbon be the same route for a car with Auto-Stop? It would take very sophisticated software to weigh the burden of the climate-control system based on weather conditions and user preferences against taking a longer, but quicker, route.
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  6. Wall-e

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    There is a website that will calculate your Wh/mile for a particular route. It takes in consideration elevation change, exterior temperature etc.

    I use the Nissan Leaf as the car, added 600lbs to payload and I have found it to be pretty accurate in the amount of Kwh used on the short routes I run where I start at full charge and charge to full when I return. Its not perfect but it gets you some great information about details on different routes.
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  7. Steven B

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    Right, the worst case scenario I envisioned was that the app would consider all parameters including current traffic delays and climatic conditions (and cabin preferences) in determining if sitting in traffic on electric for 20 minutes was better than propelling via electrons for an additional 1.2 miles on a slightly longer route. Numerous scenarios to consider for the app on the supercomputer in our hands. Twenty years ago, 'very sophisticated' would have been used to describe the current routing technology.
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  8. loomis2

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    I start up Android Auto, put in my destination, and follow the blue line. I guess that is shortest time. I don't question the Google.
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