My first Maintenance Issue with 2018 Clarity PHEV

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Eddgie, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Eddgie

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    14k Miles, and until last Friday, zero problems.

    Went to run an errand on Friday morning. Pulled out of the driveway and 100ft down the street, I get a big message on the display about a brake system error (Big bright message). Of course I put on the brakes and the car seemed to stop fine. The message then changed to a Brake Hill Hold error. I turned on the hill hold and that also seemed fine as well. The messages though kept rotating on the screen. Went on to the store (neighborhood driving) and the messages continued to wrap around.

    When I came out of the store to start the car, the Brake messages did not repeat, but the Check Engine light came on. Recycled the On/off but the Check Engine of course stayed on and I figured that it was because there were some stored. Codes.

    I do have an OBDII scanner, but I choose not to look at the codes so I would not accidentally reset them (force of habit) and instead, took the car to nearest Honda dealer.

    Three days later, is all I get is that they printed out the long list of codes but found no actual problem, so the simply reset the codes and sent me on my way. One guy said maybe it would be kind of like a phone where get an error and turn it off, then never had the error again. Sad feeling. Maybe it was just a code bug, but my luck is that intermittent problems rarely fix themselves. If it fails catastrophically, I hope it does so inside my warranty period.

    Attached is a picture of the primary codes, but there was also others for things like Windshield wipers, brake, and ECM failure.
    20191009_133547 (1).jpg

    A nice thing though was that they generated a couple fo page readout for all of the cells in the battery pack. All of the cells were in the 4084 to 4093 mv range.

    Fingers crossed that it does not come back.. I asked them if they reseated any connectors or anything, and basically, they just reset the codes because there was no way to figure out what happened. They said they talked to Honda about it, but Honda apparently was the one that said to reset it and see what happened.
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    Rather surprised an ECM failure solution by Honda is to reset it.

    Hope it does not repeat itself...
  3. Eddgie

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    I was quite surprised that this was about as much as they would do. For intermittent errors, standard practice would (in my own experience) be to re-seat any connector that carried any signal or sensor wire involved in the code. They told me that they spoke to Honda USA about the problem, but it was their advice to reset the code.

    If it was a code problem, then at some point in time, I would expect others to experience it so that is mainly why I posted.

    I suspect it is a connector on a board somewhere though, and as long as it comes back while the car is under warranty, I am fine, but if it comes back after the car leaves warranty, I am keeping the report and if the codes are the same, I will push Honda to make the repair free arguing that they failed to diagnose the problem while the car was under warranty. I'll win that one because I never give up with stuff like that.

    But maybe it will never happen again. I just hope that it it does, it happens in the next 21 months.
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