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Discussion in 'Tesla' started by TeslaInvestors, Sep 2, 2018.

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    That piece in realmoney.thestreet is by Anton Wahlman, who has, in the past, at least, a short position in Tesla. He's been wrong and bitter for years and I don't expect that to change.
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    Iā€™m less interested in him as much as giving examples of how to bring facts and data to his parrots.

    The Prius community learned that the most outrageous, contradictory claims would be repeated dozens of times. The original claimants are remarkably deaf to criticism. So we research the lying FUD and share the facts and data for a quick reaction to the lying followers.

    Bob Wilson
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  3. TeslaInvestors

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    Seeing lots of FUD and messages floating around on terrible quality of product and service for Model 3.
    Yet haven't seen any story on IEV about these. Wonder if IEV readers are interested in some unbiased story on these.
    Here is one. Obviously, the levelof service Tesla used to provide to its early few thousand high paying customers isn't supportable as its customer base grows and sale prices declines. Who would've thunk?

    BTW, does anyone know the source of this? I can't find the original source of this particular case.
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    In the salvage market, the rule of thumb is ~3% of the fleet is lost every year. So there will be accidents and some are unrepairable.

    The good news:

    The bad news, close inspection shows the driver-side wheel was ripped from the frame. This is not a trivial repair. So what did the insurance company call it?

    BTW, I found the original photo:


    Bob Wilson
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    Great find! But I don't see the text imposed on this image. Seems like someone just made it up. Don't see any recent comment in that reddit article.
    That's why I was looking for the source, to see if this is true or not. There is false information sometimes spread from both sides of the aisle.
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    I posted the photo with text from the owner. You're right, there sure are a lot of folks whose ethics leave a lot to be desired. From the comments:

    Apparently someone down the street had their construction truck stolen at 3:00am and it had the metal bar anti-theft thing in the steering wheel. The thief stupidly tried to drive it anyway, ramming into my car before eventually ditching the truck and fleeing on foot. There's some really shitty people out there.....
    For more details from the owner:

    So ~3% of owner lose their cars every year. They then deal with insurance companies and repair shops. There will be some percentage who will be unhappy with the results but we're probably looking at a single digit or less.

    Bob Wilson
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    Whoa, good research indeed! And thanks for digging up the recent post.
    So the summary pasted on the picture is indeed a good summary of the situation (from a bear, of course). 53 days is accurate also, since this post is 2 days old.
    Here is the original post, written by a fanboy.
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    There are reasons for my interest in the facts and data. In 1982, I had submitted my design documents for three device drivers I had written. Each was about ~200 lines of code and 2000 lines of design documents embedded as comments. In fact, I wrote the comments before the code and corrected both during testing. When the hardware delivery was delayed, I added macros to coded the driver to work without the hardware.

    The application programmers were a little slow so I wrote a command line, QIO, to exercise the driver for my debugging. This predated the applications programmers starting their integration and test which didn't start until after the hardware arrived. Mine was the first of ~10 device drivers whose design document was released before coding and release for a review that didn't happen.

    Meanwhile, my supervisor and I developed a personality conflict. When my tummy started to hurt, I resumed long distance running to relieve the pain. After a couple of weeks, I realized it was time to find my next job because I don't work hurt. When I turned in my resume, the program office asked what it would take to keep me. So they moved me to operations, a different supervisor, and my tummy stopped hurting.

    By 1983-84, we had launched the Landsat satellites and our customer, NASA, asked for the design documents. But many of the other device driver writers had turned in their code, spent one week on the "design" document, one day on their resumes, and were gone. So that same hateful supervisor hired baby programmers to finish the design documents for device drivers they never written.

    Being in operations, these fraudulent documents came by and I would do a cursory review and other than simple English problems, sign them off. I was an easy 'grader.' Then one day, my driver design documents came by and my name was not on the cover.

    I was so angry I told my supervisor I had to knock off early (I was typically a 45-50 hour per week worker.) Driving home, I knew the hurt of plagiarism which is why I am such a stickler for at least a URL to reference the source. Or enough of an embedded footnote to recognize the author and source.

    The next day, I delivered my copy of my design documents to my supervisor when he was with some other of his peers. I my Marine voice, I said what I'd scribbled on the cover sheet,

    "These are the best design documents that I have ever seen. They could not be better if I'd written them myself!"​

    'Nough said.

    In 2005, I bought my first Prius, a 2003 model. I drove it 800 miles home and by the time I'd arrived, figured out how to get 52 MPG highway and higher city driving. I showed it off to my fellow engineers. One day I was walking into work and spoke about it to a "Mother Earth" woman. Then she said to me, 'I heard they are a risk to blind people.'

    This was the first Prius lie I'd ever heard but would not be the last. It turns out there were liars who claimed:
    • Hummers were more efficient than the Prius.
    • Prius did not make a profit.
    • You could not get the 'hybrid premium' back in gas savings.
    • Landfills full of Prius batteries (I answered, I have a shovel, where?)
    • Prius nickel mining had decimated a Canadian town.
    • Prius are too quiet and keep running into the blind.
    Refuting these lies led to my debunking skills. Hopefully with the skill to cite sources along with facts and data.

    Bob Wilson
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    Tesla names Telstra exec Robyn Denholm as chair

    Just remove 'tr' and it is Telsa. A common mistyped Tesla I have seen in many article headlines over the years . :)

    So she was already on the Tesla board, and has done nothing to reign in an Elon running amock and doing crazy things. And for 4 years, Tesla has been bleeding cash. But let's look at what Teslebulls having been hoping for a while:
    Bill Gates, Larry Elison, Al Gore,...

    No one thought Tesla will just pick an existing board member as the chair. It willbe another of Elon's puppet with Elon in the same room.
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    You have gone to a great deal of time and trouble to establish a reputation for someone who posts only highly biased claims and "alternative facts" pravduh about Tesla.

    So why would you now expect anyone to believe anything you post is unbiased? You've made your bed, TeslaInvestors; now lie in it.

    BTW -- Have you noticed that you are literally the only serial Tesla basher left on this forum? Seems pretty clear that all the other serial bashers were smart enough to sell off their TSLA "short" position, minimizing the amount of money they would almost certainly lose over the next several months, and giving them no motive to keep wasting time by posting anti-Tesla pravduh here.

    Looks like you were the only one to keep your short position. That makes you either very brave or very foolish... or both!
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  12. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    "No one", seriously?

    One of the first comments on this which I saw suggested that they would simply promote an existing board member to be President.

    I wonder if you ever get as tired of writing your, by now, entirely predictable and very tiresome Tesla bashing comments; as tired as we get of reading them. How about surprising us sometime, and actually post a neutral comment! We can't, of course, ask you to actually post a positive comment... I think you'd have a stroke if forced to do that.
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    Actually, it would be great to have an article on IEVs looking into why some people have to wait so long for parts. It seems pretty uneven. Some people's parts arrive quickly, while others seem to have to wait far too long. When the topic comes up, Musk tends to talk about them having their own body shops, and ignore the fact that we're not talking about a normal week-long delay.
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  15. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    As I see it, it's a combination of two problems: (1) a logistics problem, with some areas getting parts easier or faster than others, and (2) a supply problem, a symptom of Tesla's growing pains. For the Model 3 at least, since the production rate has been growing so rapidly, nearly all new parts have to go to building cars rather than supplying replacement parts. Regarding spare parts: There simply aren't any to spare! But that shouldn't be as much of a problem for Model S/X parts, since production is more or less stabilized.

    Some Tesla spokesman, I think Elon, has said they are working on improving the situation with distribution/supply of parts.

    The term "parts distribution" appears in the following InsideEVs News article:

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    Tesla started handing out $5K refunds for Model 3 performance with upgrades. Feel free to spread the word so more buyers get their refunds.
    After all, Sir Elon Musk has said, everyone, including he and his family, pays the same price for their Tesla cars.
    The fine print is, it is the random price that is set by Tesla at some place and some time and for someone.

  17. bwilson4web

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    Perhaps this might be better posted in the Model 3 forum?

    Bob Wilson
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  19. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    It didn't occur to me until reading the IEVs news article posted today, that this is the actual reason for the recent DOJ/FBI probe into Tesla's finances.

    And not, as our resident serial Tesla basher has been claiming, because the DOJ is performing a probe into Elon's ill-advised tweet about "taking Tesla private".

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    In the spirit of this rot gut thread, the latest Tesla criticism:

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Tesla Inc co-founder Elon Musk and Mexico's tequila producers could be headed for a collision after the agave-based drink's industry group opposed the flamboyant billionaire's efforts to trademark an alcoholic drink dubbed "Teslaquila."

    One of the world's richest people and chief executive of Tesla, Musk is known for ambitious and cutting-edge projects ranging from auto electrification and rocket-building to high-speed transit tunnels.

    Now it seems that Musk could be setting his sights on disrupting the multibillion-dollar tequila industry.
    . . .

    Explaining a joke loses its effect. Perhaps he should have started with Muskatell (a Pino blanc) or an office sofa-sleeper called Elonger.

    Bob Wilson
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