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Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Paul Humphrey, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Paul Humphrey

    Paul Humphrey New Member

    Recently bought a Niro EV and very much enjoying it. However, the LCD display in the center of the instrument cluster has suddenly gone blank. Completely black. I’m hoping it’s something I’ve inadvertently done although I can’t think what. Anyone have any suggestions before I go back to Kia? Thanks.
  2. Gigi

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    While I haven't experienced that with Kia's built-in infotainment platform, I have gotten the blank screen on several occasions when the USB cord is plugged in for Apple CarPlay. That's annoying, but is usually fixed by unplugging and replugging the USB cord.
  3. Paul Humphrey

    Paul Humphrey New Member

    Thanks for the reply but just to be clear I am referring to the LCD display in the center of the instrument cluster, directly in front of the driver. The one that shows information such as what drive mode you are in, mileage and pretty much all important warnings.
  4. AlopeX

    AlopeX New Member

    Does it persist after a power cycle? If so I’d guess a cable came unplugged and should be a quick fix at the dealership.
  5. TheHellYouSay

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    Yeah, I'd march it back to the dealer in a heartbeat. A completely blank instrument panel would make me long of analog. Which I sometimes do anyway...
  6. Any update on this?
  7. Paul Humphrey

    Paul Humphrey New Member

    Here’s the latest. Sadly it wasn’t an easy fix like a loose cable. Kia said that a new instrument cluster was needed. That took 10 days to get to them. My Niro now has to get sent out to an independent location for the new cluster to be installed. Something to do with the state of California not allowing dealers to do any work relating to the odometer. This will take 7-10 days. Frustrating on a vehicle which had about 500 miles on the clock at the time of the screen failure. The worst part though is having to drive their 100% gas Kia Soul loaner.

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  8. Thanks for that update, hope everything works out.
    I was interested in this as I had my cluster go black once (only showed an open door image, which of course the door was closed) -2019 Kona EV
    Also knowing of an update to clear an after image on the cluster on early Kona EV models in the U.K.
    If mine had to go in for a similar period of time for repairs and they gave me an ICE car loaner , they had better fill it up with before giving it to me as I would have to be retrained in the procedure for gassing a vehicle after driving electric for 7 years ( knowledge I don't want to re-acquire).:eek:
  9. Philip Dorian

    Philip Dorian New Member

  10. Paul Humphrey

    Paul Humphrey New Member

    Sorry to hear that Philip. Best of luck with the dealer. Hope you have a smoother experience than I did. The first cluster they ordered and fitted apparently didn’t work so they had to order a second one.

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  11. molund

    molund New Member

    Kia has had issues with LCD displays for years. My mom had the issue shown in this YouTube video in her Kia Soul.


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