iOS 13 anyone?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by coutinpe, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. markc

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    I just updated to iOS 13.1 yesterday. It seems that things are much more sluggish as compared to before the update. There are more long pauses in directions, Siri doesn't work about 40% of the time (even with a strong signal), and when the audio pauses it take close to a minute to start again.
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    I recently rented a Chevy Malibu that had Car Play and the options were different from what you'd see in the Clarity. Minimal, like once in iTunes, you couldn't globally search by artist, you only saw recently played artists. I assumed once you tapped on "CarPlay" you'd see the same thing regardless of host.
  3. 2002

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    My understanding is that Apple and Android make specific versions of CarPlay and Android Auto for each car. Probably most of it works the same but they have to coordinate with each cars existing system and infotainment center, so there could be minor differences. Maybe not necessarily what we see externally but internally how it works for each car.

    Not that that explains why searching by artist would work differently, but probably as new features or changes are added they don't roll them out to all car models at once because they have to program the feature into each version and test each one individually. Or there are other reasons, but in the end they should normally look and act the same but technically they are not all exactly the same.

    I'm sure a comparison will be made with computers where software works on an almost infinite number of brands and models. Yes they do and that is where a lot of bugs arise from, it's nearly impossible to test a software update on all computers out there. But the number of cars with CarPlay and Android Auto is much more limited so it's feasible and in some ways desirable to tailor versions for each model.

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