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  1. I accidently found out today that EVGo and Chargepoint are working together and you don't need two accounts.

    I ordered a Chargepoint card because my new cellphone doesn't have NFC (who would have thought ) and I tried to use it today on a free level 2 charger. Since I have the card (EVGo and blink as well) in my wallet I just held my wallet against the charger to initiate the charge.

    It worked and initialized and started charging.

    After a while I decided to check the so and I didn't see my car charging in the Chargepoint app. But it showed charging in the Hyundai app. Just because I opened the other apps and the EVGo so showed my car charging.

    So apparently the charger recognized my EVGo card instead of my Chargepoint app ...

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    I thought *EA* and Chargepoint were working on a cross-authorization
    partnership. Well, maybe both are true and it's the leading edge of
    only needing one cred to start a charge anywhere.

    I suppose ultimately the right answer is plug-n-charge and having the
    VINs on file, but that might get interesting in some situations like rentals.

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    As a fellow geek,how can you forget having NFC in specs;) This is good news,there really needs to be more charger integration,and availability status on a network.Check-in in plugshare's not ideal if you're in a sketchy area,and could get robbed.
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    ChargePoint is doing a good job at becoming the principal aggregator of EV charge authentication. I discovered a couple weeks ago that I could use my ChargePoint account at EVgo.

    If you look at the filters available in the ChargePoint app, you’ll see they have the following networks integrated so far:
    • Blink
    • SemaCharge
    • EVgo
    • Flo
    • Greenlots
    I’m sure EA will eventually show up too once they finish testing interoperability. I really like the idea of being able to use 1 card or app with any charging network.
  5. I know! Can't believe I missed that, either.

    I like it too. Their so is really good too, showing you the current charging speed. I haven't used it in a non-chargepoint charger yet, so not sure if it will show you the speed of out of network chargers.
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