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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by coutinpe, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Folks, has anyone tried installing apps directly to the Android tablet headunit? I would like to install Google maps and maybe a music player and not use Apple CarPlay for that.
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    It's Android 4.2.2. The modern version of Maps and whatever media player you're used to on your phone may not work or even install in the first place.

    For obvious fun, here's the CVE list for Android 4.2.2:

    Unless Honda did some serious custom work on that firmware, there's going to be a recall some day. A malicious audio file on a USB drive can result in code execution in stock Android 4.2.2, and we know that tablet is connected to some control parts of the car, as it controls at least door autolocking.
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    There is a software service called “Honda Hack” that enables app installation. It is not approved by Honda. Accounts vary, but most of what I have seen indicate the head unit lacks the power to run most apps very well. Your phone has much better processing power and will run anything better via CarPlay or Android Auto.

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    I’m running Honda hack on my Clarity. Like others have already mentioned, the head unit is so slow that hardly anything runs decently. I’m using NewPipe (a lightweight YouTube alternative app) and its barely acceptable. The official YouTube app is so slow that it’s unusable and Google Maps just bombs out and crashes. It’s fun to hack the headunit but ultimately not useful

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