How long does it take to get the CA HOV sticker

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Teamchang, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Green thumb

    Green thumb New Member

    I sent out my application on 1/4/19. I still don’t have my HOV sticker. Anyone still waiting after a month and a week?
  2. MisterS

    MisterS New Member

    Sent mine in on 12/31. My check was cashed on 2/1 and it arrived a few days earlier. Check your bank statement to see if that $22 check is cashed.
  3. WantEV

    WantEV Member

    Sent the check on 12/31 and Got my decal last friday
  4. occphv

    occphv New Member

    Bought my car on 1/11/19 and received sticker on 2/12/19.
    weird thing is, dealer applied for the HOV decal for the car when they file it with DMV (I wasn’t aware of it)

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  5. You guys have to pay for yours? In B.C. (Canada) you just fill out a 1 page application and they mail you a sticker. The website says it can take like 4-6 weeks due to demand but I got mine in under 2 weeks.

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  6. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    In California, we pay $22 to get the decals.

    Some dealers are giving them out for free and paying for it out of their profits as they are tied directly to the state DMV.
  7. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Yes, some dealers have a full time DMV POC (point of contact) which directly interfaces with the DMV computers and can issue plates and HOV stickers - my dealer (Norm Reeves Honda) has this amenity.

    I received my plates in less than a week - mailed direct from my dealer instead of DMV.
    Still waiting on my HOV stickers...

    Most smaller dealers don't have a dedicated DMV POC and the plates and HOV stickers come from DMV.
  8. I mailed a second one on 1/8/19 and am still waiting. My first one I mailed in November and never received one and they never cashed the check. I assumed it was lost in the mail. Hopefully second time works. Any updates from Greenthumb about yours?
  9. Have you got yours yet?
  10. ab13

    ab13 Active Member

    Well if you get the purple one for 2019, you get one more year than the red one from 2018.
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  11. Green thumb

    Green thumb New Member

    I still have not received anything and check wasn’t cashed. Not sure what happened.
  12. Rav

    Rav Member

    i mailed mine in on 1/14/19 and nothing yet. the check hasn't cleared my account. I called DMV today and they told me applications are running 1-2 weeks behind their norm. ARGHGH!!!!!:mad:
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  13. I just talked with the special processing unit of DMV and they are working on applications that were received on 1/8-1/14. Hopefully ours is in those!
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  14. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Thanks for giving them a call and getting an update from DMV...:)
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  15. maguzma

    maguzma New Member

    Yeah I submitted mine first week in Feb and DMV still hadn't processed the check. Hate to see where my state refund is in Sacramento!
    Gotta love the state Government, they run on another clock and schedule than the general population.
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  16. Ok well I have bad news about mine. I just got my application back and it didn’t process because my address was not on file. We just moved and I now have to change address and resubmit. I am very upset and sad that I know have to wait another 2 months.
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  17. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Are you saying that when you bought the Clarity, it was out of state or did you have a non California address?
    I thought as long as the DMV registration of the vehicle is all that counted ?
  18. I moved from one city in California to another.
  19. Vishal Kirti

    Vishal Kirti New Member

    Can someone confirm if they received the HOV sticker with the temp plate? Did you have to resend another corrective application (later) to correct the Plate number to the permanent number?
  20. Vishal Kirti

    Vishal Kirti New Member

    Did you have to correct the license plate number by sending in another application?

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