Honda Clarity: de-ugly-fied

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by 2020, Sep 22, 2018.

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    Just read the above forum. They had Paint Protection Film- that is a clear film installed usually on the front bumper or hood to protect from rock chips. I have wrapped the front grill areas. Wrap is thinner and is easy to peel off without any glue residue.
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    Is the clarity metal or plastic "chrome" and would that make a difference?

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    I did all the work myself. Grew up tinkering with cars. Cost about $60 of materials purchased thru eBay/Amazon.
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    From what your photos show, you could do that professionally!
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    How long would you expect the rear fender masking to last? It seems that having the edge of the wrap exposed would cause it to start wearing or peeling rather quickly.
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    Impressive tinkering...good job. Question on another tinkering item...Any experience with rear spoiler removal and third brake light?

    I am getting ready to install a brake light flasher module on the third brake light. Any thoughts or tips on removal of the spoiler? I know there are a couple of bolts inside the trunk lid to remove...and there are 8 pins along the length of the spoiler that snap into the body. Really trying to figure the best way to pull off the spoiler...for there a certain angle it should be pulled? Any preferred pry points to assist with removal?

    Want to fine tune the removal logistics before attempting. I guess I am a moderate tinker'er with some tools and not afraid to try something if I know the logistics behind it.

    Any thoughts you can provide would be appreciated.

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    Well, I have one way that doesn’t need any bolts removed from the trunk. Unfortunately it involves having a vicious garage door attack your unsuspecting Clarity, or maybe backing into a garage door while it is going down. The trunk lid with the brake light comes right off and dangles from the electrical connection. The electrical connection can be unplugged where it enters the car.
    FWIW, the dealer’s body shop forman said it broke the plastic under the lid and it’s one piece with the painted top so I have to replace the whole top which is a $500 part plus labor. However when I look at it, it appears that is not the case and that there is no plastic under the lid. There are bolts holding clips and plastic push in friction pins. Allstate and dealer are arguing with each other at the moment. I think it just needs the end clip on a bolt replaced since the cosmetic damage is minor and where you won’t notice some touch up paint.
    Here are some pix that may help you.
    The first shows the broken clip on the passenger side edge of the lid that appears to attach to a threaded bolt. One side of the clip broke off. It fits into a U shaped notch in the lid. The second pix shows the friction push in pins further to the middle.
    6B281969-10B3-4B4E-A6AD-3D43F0498886.jpeg F7D49A67-D221-4FF5-A915-28A737D2DD14.jpeg
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    Nothing is peeling (yet). I think what are alluding to on the rear fender is that the wrap does not quite match the seam. I had to free hand it and it didn't quite match. The other side turned out better. Despite this, at first glance people can't point out the wrap on the fender well unless I pointed it out to them.
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    Before I looked closely at your photos, I was thinking (snarkily) this man has spent a lot of money to create the least aerodynamic Clarity! You really did a great job with that wrap.
  12. I had the chrome over the windows wrapped with matte black vinyl.

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    Wow, @Klong, you just created a Stealth Clarity! Goes well with the dark body color.
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    KentuckyKen...I appreciate your suggestion for the quick removal method...but I believe I will stick to the old fashioned, tedious method of bolt removal with a wrench. lol

    Thanks for the pics as all pertinent info helps. I am just cautious because the material used for the shell seems to be kinda flimsy and will bend easily if pulled at the slightest wrong angle or pried incorrectly. I had hoped 2020 was going to install a pulse unit as an additional safety feature. Never hurts to ask for assistance though.

    Good luck with the repair.

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    I did see a bumper sticker that said "Student Driver" on a car the other day. It made me a little more forgiving as I normally would be. So I might find one and put it on since this car is primarily for the kids to drive.
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    Lol...I hear ya. That works for drivers who are paying attention...the quick pulse is for the teenagers who are texting and driving in the slim hope they see it out of the corner of their eye before slamming into someone.

    We were all teenagers once and thought we could drive better than anyone after 3 months behind the wheel of the 1965 Chevy Impala...only to realize 10 years later we really didn't know how, nor understand the implications of, driving a 3000 lb rocket. Not a slight on today's teenagers at all...cell phones and in-car technology are distractions we didn't have to deal with and driving is one of those lessons learned through experience and hardknocks.

    Hope the kids enjoy the Clarity...its a fine car for what it is.
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    I like it, and you're an inspiration. Frankly been staring at my clarity for a while wondering if there was a way to sport it up. I've been planning to black-out some of the dashboard chrome; I find the reflections on the windows irritating when I look out the side mirrors. I've also been planning to de-badge (the hybrid blocks) and black out the rear Clarity and "H" badges. I've done this in other cars in the past using a Testor's paint pen (in matte black) and it's worked well. I'm not a chrome fan in general so hadn't thought about doing the exterior, but seeing what it looks like makes it appealing.....

    Now that you've opened up the world of vinyl wraps for me, don't be surprised if you see a post sometime showing my dark grey Clarity with a nice dark blue metallic rally racing stripe.
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    Got you

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    Now we're talking! Was looking at that roof dip this morning myself. Did you do the stripe yourself? I see the Sirius/XM fin stayed original color- was looking at how hard that might be to "vinyl".
  20. 2020

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    It was easy until I got to the fin. Had to cut the vinyl a couple of times. Not happy with it since you can see the seams. If I get motivated enough I might try it again or just pull it off. The most ideal way would be to remove the shark fin antenna, however I think you have to remove the roof liner to get access to the anchoring screws. That’s to much work for me.

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