Have owned a 2017 A3 Sportback e-tron for a year. Love the car.

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    Have owned a 2017 A3 Sportback e-tron since February 10, 2017. Love the car.
    Only three wishes, two that can not be fulfilled:
    1. Larger battery pack. wish we had a 40+ mile pure electric range (need higher amp hour LiON batteries and/or more kWhs)
    2. Larger cargo area, like the similar VW Golf Alltrack (not as much cargo space as we would like, but not a major flaw)
    3. Audi USA needs to support towing installations, since the e-tron can tow up to 1600kg. We had to purchase our towbar from Germany and have it shipped to the USA. Still not installed, but our local dealer will remove the rear bumper and all sensor wiring, drive it to the parking lot for me to install the four bolts of the towbar, then drive it back into the service bay and reinstall the rear bumper and all sensor wiring. Annoying, but our e-tron has much higher horsepower, much higher torque, and about 500 lbs higher tow capacity than our 2004 Volvo V40, which has towed our 1500 lb. trailer easily.

    We love the twin voltage portable EVSE. Have only used it on 120 volts, but have an adapter for both NEMA 14-50 and 16-50 sockets. Use our GE Wattstation at home for charging.

    Backup screen is VERY clear, even better than the VW Alltrack.

    Smartphone app is adequate, but wish we could remotely check on overall miles per gallon and EV/gasoline percentages. Still have to view these from within Audi, not on smartphone app.

    EPA has it wrong with range. In the dead of winter in CA (usually not much below 30 degrees F), we are 16-18 miles EV range, which is right there with EPA ratings. The rest of the year, we are at 20-22 miles EV range. Our overall EV + gasoline range is usually 430-460 miles, well above the EPA rating of only 360 miles. We have driven 410 miles on a road trip, filled up, and still had at least 50-70 miles more range available.

    We have been as high as 210 mpg, but are now down at 101 mpg, after several trips of 90 to 140 miles, well beyond the 20-22 miles electric range. While driving around town, we are ALWAYS in EV mode. Not reason to use gasoline when we have a rooftop solar array and recharge primarily for free.

    Any other questions, feel free to reply and ask. I volunteer as the webmaster, LinkedIn manager, and print media designer for the Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association (SacEVA.org). I owned a Coda for 4 years, but could not continue driving a vehicle without any warranty after the company declared bankruptcy. Am still waiting for my chance to configure our Tesla Model 3 (waited in line on March 31, 2016), which will fill our garage with a pure BEV and our Audi PHEV.
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    Go to menu, then slide the round chooser knob to the side. This gets you into the menu categories for EV/gasoline percentages, plus several other categories. Whenever you see the striped red trapezoid to the left of an item, you can slide/rock the chooser knob to enter more categories.
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    Thanks for sharing all that.
    I dub thee the resident InsideEVs Audi A3 Sportback expert. :)

    No pressure.
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    Thank you, Domenick,...... I think. This sounds like the same path that I took to become webmaster, LinkedIn manager, and print media designer for SacEV. I said, "ok", and suddenly I was doing a lot more than expected. I do enjoy it, most of the time.
    I will try to answer all the questions that come my way on the e-tron. I have been in conversations with Audi in Germany, attempting to discover more about the battery pack and towing, but it has been very painful getting comprehensive answers to my questions.
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    I am torn between a Tesla 3 or waiting of the Audi Etron to replace our second car (a Prius) - at least I am on the list for the Tesla right now. Thanks for offering more answers, I might get bac tou you.
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    Here is the information on the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron towbar from Westfalia in Germany. There are now more models available for purchase than when I bought mine. I also included tow specs from Audi.
    One more attachment is on the possibility of new higher amphour battery modules for Euro vehicles. Nothing has appeared online since this original article, so I am not holding my breath.

    I would love the new Audi eTron EV, but the Tesla Supercharger network is one amazing benefit that is still not matched by anyone else. Some companies are working with European manufacturers to remedy that, but they are in their first stages of development and deployment.

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