GM'S first self driving Bolt

Discussion in 'General' started by JyChevyVolt, Jan 12, 2018 at 4:24 AM.

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    Those don't look like the current Bolt seats, so that's a plus. :)

    Seriously, though, I was contemplating this interior last night and was thinking, if it doesn't have a steering wheel, why keep the interior pretty much exactly the same as a non-autonomous car. Couldn't the front seats face backward? Or maybe fully recline? Couldn't the back be the main entrance?

    I guess we still have to take in the possibility of crashes, but it seems there's seems to be a lot of possibilities for vehicle interiors in level 5 cars.
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    Yeah, Btyon's crazy LED screen would have been useful. Bean counters won again.
  4. Domenick

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    Or like the one in the Honda Urban EV concept.


    But it's not just about screens, but rather the entire interior. There have been any number of concepts from other companies re-imagining vehicle interiors for the autonomous age, but this one from Chevy is the same old, but with no steering wheel.

    I am disappoint. :)
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  5. JeffD

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    I would say yes, the bean counters won. I also think they kept it simple because they want it out by 2019. Still seems rather unfinished for something production intent in about a year.

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  6. JyChevyVolt

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    It's being used for Lyft. Do people throw up on ride-share? Cleaning requirements came into this equation.
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    Yes, that's the sort of outside-the-box thinking we need, to redesign the passenger car so that the interior is more of a passenger lounge, which will be possible once there's nobody driving.

    What is shown as the autonomous Bolt is pretty clearly just a test vehicle for the autonomous driving system, and not a car actually designed with autonomous driving in mind.

    But I don't see that coming soon. On a practical level, even self-driving cars will, for some years, almost certainly have auxiliary human driving controls for use in certain situations the "robot driver" can't handle. If I go to the local Renaissance Festival, where parking is in a grassy field, how would an autonomous car know where to drive?

    But maybe it's me who is thinking inside the box there. Maybe those running the RenFest will set up a local wireless system with an "app" directing cars to parking spots.
  8. Domenick

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    I'll just leave this (photo of the 2005 Chrysler Akino concept) here.

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  9. JeffD

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    That's more like what I am looking for in a level 5 autonomous vehicle. I may choose warmer colors but I could see people decorating the interior of their cars much like they do their living rooms.

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  10. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    Thanks, Domenick! Yeah, that's a lot more like it.

    I was reading a comment or article the other day that claimed nobody would want to sit in a rear-facing seat because passengers prefer to look where the vehicle is going, not where it's been. That certainly is true for some, but not everyone. Some people taking the train will sit in a rear-facing seat even when the train car is nearly empty.

    Those front seats need to be designed to turn to face either front or back, as the individual prefers. It looks like the "shotgun" seat on that Akino (the photo posted by Domenick) is indeed designed to rotate to face front or back.
  11. Domenick

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    Yes, I believe both front seats swivel around. There have been any number of concepts with similar non-traditional seating (Mercedes F 015, for instance), but I really like the one-box Akino (designed by Akino Tsuchiya) and it's similar in size to the Bolt.
  12. I almost never need to call a ride, but if this thing shows up I'm cancelling the ride, no thanks, not supporting the self driving car craze.

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