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  1. A warning to those that live in regions that require a front license plate. I came out the other day and noticed that my front plate was missing. The plate was secured by two screws in the top to a plastic plate holder. It looks like the holes in the plastic holder were somewhat stripped, so probably wasn't holding the plate very securely. I had to file a police report and then go to DMV to get my old plates cancelled and receive new ones. I now secured the front plate with plastic ties. I also drilled a couple holes underneath the plastic holder and used two additional plastic ties on the bottom of the plate as well. When it stops raining here, I'll probably spend a little more time making them a little less visible, but they're doing the job for now.

    Bottom line, if you have front license plates, make sure they are securely fastened.

  2. For me it's the other way round. I don't need front license plates here in Nevada but they drilled the screws right through the front bumper. I removed the license plate holder but now have small holes in the bumper. They are almost invisible but I'm still bummed that they are there.

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  3. Have you considered leaving the license plate holder in place and putting a vanity plate there? Might be better looking than two holes.
  4. Luckily the holes are very small and I hate the holder destroying the look of the clean front. My car is black so the holes are almost invisible. So for now I'll leave it like that.

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  5. DelRider

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    Yep, that's what I did. "12 North" in the front and Cetacean Conservation state specialty tag in the back. Both look great on a white Kona Electric
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    I'm in the same boat.. Bought the car in Maryland and it had the license plate holder attached.. I removed it.. Still got the holes from the screws holding the license plate holder but it's barely noticeable.
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  8. dheatherly

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    I got my white SEL Kona EV from Maryland and front plate was attached. I removed the plate holder and used some sugru to patch the holes. White sugru of course. Looks good to me - and much better than the previous holes.
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  9. BlueKonaEV

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    Is sugru paintable?
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    According to the sugru website faq -

    Can I paint Sugru?
    Sugru is a silicone and cures to a flexible rubber, so paint is likely to crack and flake from it. You can, however, mix and blend different Sugru colours together to achieve your desired shade.
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    I don't think that Sugru will match my Ceramic Blue, so I guess I will have to look for some kind of paintable epoxy filler and get touch up paint.

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