FORD Focus EV was great

Discussion in 'Ford' started by jim, Jan 17, 2018.

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    I leased a FORD Focus EV for 3 years. The battery was great. EVen in our Phoenix greater area with lots of HEAT I never seemed to lose even 1% capacity.
    They didn't have a DC Fast Charge Option on my 2013.
    The battery was just added in as an after thought so it took up a lot of the rear hatch trunk area.
    The maps and display were outdated.
    Worst the air conditioning was an old compressor and not a super efficient heat pump so the range would drop 30 miles or more when it was on.

    But overall it was great because of the long battery life. I'd love to check out the new 2018 model but they never stock or order any in Arizona. Maybe someday they will offer them everyplace.
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