Electric water pump recall

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  1. Just had both pumps serviced today on the TSB . Both units showed no signs of leakage so replacement of the can cases and new o-rings was all that was required. Repair time about 4-5 hours . (They will probably get quicker at it since this was their first).
    Gratitude to the dealer: first time the coolant has been over the minimum level (about half way between min and max). Was always at min from manufacture.:)
  2. I marked my cold coolant level precisely with a pen in the hope of having a heads-up in case this becomes an issue. I've been able to get my fingers on both pump connectors but the latch is too stiff to open in such confined spaces. Was hoping to inspect them periodically to avoid any down time as parts could take a long time to get to these islands. My build date is 8 Sept 2018.
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    Just had mine in for 1st service and the water pump repair. Unfortunately mine needs more that an O ring seal as the dealers had to order in a replacement pump. Apparently I’m the first that required the complete job as all before have just require an O ring replacement. That’s my luck, but still at least it’ll be fixed.
  4. Which pump do they have to replace- the one in the front(electronics) or the one in the back of the EPCU for the battery? I do hope they realize there are 2 of them almost identical.
    Also are they changing pump only or does it involve new wiring harness c/w connector?
  5. Colin Munro

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    I’ll let you know next Tuesday as that’s when it being sorted, just got a call today to say parts were in.

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  6. I'm assuming this recall doesn't apply to all cars? I'm in the states and when I typed in my VIN # at https://autoservice.hyundaiusa.com/CampaignHome it says "There are no open Safety Recalls or Service Campaigns for this vehicle."
  7. Its not listed on the Canadian Hyundai service website either, but the dealer was aware of it (barely). Best to go to a dealer and ask, with a copy of the TSB.
  8. This info was posted about the applicable build date range of this campaign, 6 Dec 2018 to 16 Jan 2019.

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    Something inspired me to drop by the dealership to arrange one-year service, rather than phoning, because I wanted to discuss the recall. Of course they had no clue what I was talking about until I showed them the bulletin. It seems recall notices are sent by email and I never got a message because I never gave them my address. Anyway it does seem my car is in the affected group and the parts are on order.
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  10. If the dates of the affected group are correct then my car is affected. I have received no emails and they have my contact info.
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    Maybe you could make the techs' job easier by pulling both bottom
    covers in the front before driving over? It's quite a few bolts and
    expandy-pins, but exposes everything. Not the best weather for it
    in the North at the moment, though..

  12. Colin Munro

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    Update, had both pumps replaced, not sure about the wiring but assumed that may have been replaced too.

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  13. Was your build date within the range I mentioned earlier? 6 Dec 2018 to 16 Jan 2019.
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    I checked the campaign site with my VIN this morning; no recall,
    I'm Feb 2019, just clear of the problematic range. I also stopped
    by a local dealer service dept to ask if they've gotten any of these
    through the shop ... guy said they got only one there, and seemed
    to be complaining "sometimes it's the cover, sometimes it's the
    whole pump, depends on VIN and manufacture date... it's this
    whole *procedure*." Meaning that they probably have to sit there
    and wander through a whole checklist on GDS or something
    before they're authorized to do any work.

    I'll try to have a closer look at the pumps once the weather warms up.

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  15. Could you elaborate or direct me to the"campaign site" please? I wasn't aware there was a place we could check our VINs. Thanks!
  16. Joev

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  17. Thanks. It's a US site and won't recognize my Canadian VIN. I wonder if there's a Canadian version? Probably not. Hyundai Canada consistently underwhelms.
  18. It lives here:
    But it does not show my s/n as being affected, even though it was shown to be so on the dealers computer.
    Best to print out the TSB supplied earlier in this thread and take it to the dealer armed with that info.
  19. Ya, recalls are a whole different kettle of fish when compared to a TSB.

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