Cost of A01 service?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Vinoh, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. markc

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    I had the A01 reminder come up in August. I went to my local Goodyear and had them rotate the tires and then I reset just the tire rotation reminds. Now the computer says my next service will be in November. If there A01 comes up I'll got back to Goodyear because they charge less for rotation than my Honda dealer.
  2. Geor99

    Geor99 Active Member

    Someone just told me "Discount Tire is known as America's Tire in regions of California (except for San Diego County, where it is still known as "Discount Tire")." But they should do the rotations for free at all of the locations, even if you didn't buy from them.

    Once again, I dont work there- just trying to save those on the forum some cash:)
  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    I remember way back in 1960 when there was just one Discount Tire store (yes, geezer talk again) and it was on Washtenaw Avenue in my town of Ann Arbor. They are now based in Scottsdale--Ann Arbor must not have been warm enough. I've been to their stores countless times, yet I never knew they didn't charge to rotate tires that were not purchased from them.
  4. Dan Albrich

    Dan Albrich Active Member

    I live in Eugene Oregon but long since gone are days of reasonable prices for most things. We're sort of a "little California" in terms of the way things are priced. Anyway, our Honda dealer service prices have been reasonable. A01 service just done literally today cost $66 and change. That's super cheap here, and I fully expected to pay more. But so far so good. The dealers service prices have been completely reasonable.
    As a comparator, cheaper than other cities on the west-coast, but literally impossible to find a home here (and I mean a shack) for less than 200K. A typical family house here starts around 300K, and most folks pay 300-500K for a normal family home. And that's cheaper than Portland,OR, or Seattle, or anywhere populated in CA.

    Just as a comparison- if someone says say a head gasket repair on Subaru Outback somewhere in the USA is like $900, guess what cheapest possible here will be at least $1600. This was my last car. Anyway, I'm simply used to seeing 100% of every repair elsewhere in the USA being cheaper than here. The only time I see more expensive is folks in populated areas of California. Don't actually know why, but it's just what it is.
  5. Geor99

    Geor99 Active Member

    That's what the manager told me as they rotated my Clarity tires (oem) for free. Hopefully, he was correct so I'm not misleading everyone:)

    Maybe calling ahead may be prudent. But the guy did say its company policy.

    Its actually great marketing, as it has me spreading their name:)
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  6. laptop

    laptop New Member

    Just had mine last week and they didn’t charge anything... felt weird...

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  7. AveSharia

    AveSharia New Member

    There's another Clarity in Ann Arbor?? :) Or have you moved on?
  8. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    After waiting for more than a year after Honda revealed there would be a Clarity PHEV, our Moonlit Forest Pearl gem arrived at Germain Honda in November, 2017.


    I've seen at least 3 different color Claritys tooling around town, so there are at least 4 in Ann Arbor. Of course, there may be more than one of each color. You should have stopped by the National Drive Electric Week event behind Whole Foods a few weeks ago to check out the Claritys (er, Clarity).
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  9. AveSharia

    AveSharia New Member

    Yep, completely missed it. :)

    I think of Ann Arbor as a preview of our impending electric dystopia: A ton of people willing to buy EVs/PHEVs, but very few places willing to provide cheap electricity. I rarely find an open charging space in this town. :/
  10. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    If you were counting on a plethora of available EVSEs, a Tesla would have been the car to buy--there are always many open Superchargers at Meier's on Ann Arbor-Saline Road. I don't know if they cost a lot to use them, however.

    I've never tried to look for a public EVSE for my Clarity PHEV because I rarely use up all my charge and if I do, I've got that ICE back-up. Also, I'd feel guilty hogging an EVSE, worrying that some BEV driver suffering from a lack of planning will need it. Even when I get a BEV next year, I'm sure I'll only need a public EVSE when I go somewhere far away from Ann Arbor.
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  11. MPower

    MPower Well-Known Member

    Got my first AO service yesterday at 9355 miles on the odometer. (Reset the MM because the tires have been changed twice summer/winter and back). Since there has been much talk about cost. I am attaching a copy of the invoice showing the prices.

    This does not include the sales tax on the oil and filters. The total would have come to $61.20 if I had not reminded the young man that the first service was supposed to be free.

    The Multi Point Inspection showed every thing OK except for the Cabin Air Filter and the Engine Air Filter which were listed as "May require future attention".

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  12. AveSharia

    AveSharia New Member

    So I commute into Ann Arbor (south campus, really) and I still feel the same way you do about hogging public EVSEs, but only because they're in such limited supply. Meanwhile, I burn through my whole EV range every day, guaranteed. A Tesla was what I 'really' wanted- actually, what I planned to make my next vehicle after my Kio Rio, until a hit and run totaled the Kia, and I didn't have enough saved for the Tesla. I owe $18 on the Kia after the payout. A Model 3 versus my Clarity came down to like... $15k difference, with no promise that I could have gotten one before my insurance rental coverage expired, and I had (and have) no short-term way to charge ~120mi of range every night. So I put off that dream, at least for a couple years.
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  13. The Gadgeteer

    The Gadgeteer Active Member

    Honda Autosport in Bridgewater, NJ only charged 39.95 plus tax for the A01 service on my Clarity. Normally tire rotation is another $19.99 but they did not charge me for it.
  14. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve Active Member

    Many dealers in NJ do free oil changes for life if you buy there. Tire rotation is about $10-$20.
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  15. laptop

    laptop New Member

    Mine was free at a CT dealer.

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  16. Al-clarity

    Al-clarity New Member

    I just called honda serramonte in Daly City ,California. They ask for 169.
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  17. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Wow !

    $169 for an oil change and tire rotation ?

    Glad I pre-paid for the Honda Care Sentinel services - I get all oil changes for free for 3 years.
    Plus any tire issues are covered.
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  18. Al-clarity

    Al-clarity New Member

    I called primo Honda in Redwood City. They ask for 69 oil change and 20 for tire rotation. still high but that how it is.
  19. stacey burke

    stacey burke Active Member

    The service is bundled together. Oil change, and tire rotation are the two that always come together. Honda says to rotate tires at 7,500 miles so a A01 service comes up every 7,500 miles. If you rotate your own tires or take it to a place like Discount tires (who has done mine for free) then the time to take in the car for service will be extended by ONLY resetting the tire rotation and nothing else. When I did that I got another 5 months before was given the code A01 again. THIS DOES NOT affect the warranty in any way you are only doing the tire rotation and the A0 (oil change and inspection) has not been reset so no problems. You reset the tire rotation by using the button on the steering wheel and goto the Icon of the wrench. Press the middle button on the steeing wheel and choose the tire rotation. All done.
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  20. MDClarity07

    MDClarity07 New Member

    Stopping in to say that my A01 light went on at about 7k miles.

    Free A01 first service at Sport Honda - Silver Spring MD.

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