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  1. 5.2 miles/kWh has been my average since buying the car in July. This includes AC use.

    Now that the mornings are getting chillier here in New England, I've started using the heat on the automatic climate control (set to 74F). I've noticed in my Drive Info screen that my range has dropped to about 3.2 miles/kWh.

    Just curious how this compares to the experience of others. I'd be particularly interested in knowing if our northerly neighbors in Canada who have heat pumps see better performance.
  2. I am in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California at 4000 ft. The morning temps are around freezing and I have noticed my usual 4.6 miles/Kwh (300 mile total range) has dropped to around 3.9 miles/Kwh (250 mile total range). I drive the car the same as I would any car. I use all of the conveniences including heat and air. Heat definitely reduces the range but still near the factory projected range of 258 miles.
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  3. SeanH

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    So if that 5.2 m/kWh was at 40mph (around where I get my best m/kWh), then you were pulling 7.7kW on average. The heater will pull 1-3kW, so now you are pulling 9-11kW. So you might expect 3.6-4.4 m/kWh just from that. Plus, if the battery is cold, it is less efficient.
    You can look at the effect by turning the heater on and off (though the heater will pull the most power right when it turns on, then ramp down as the cabin heats up). You can also look at the display in the center console to see how much power each part of the car is taking.
  4. I'm in Ottawa (so I'll include conversions ;)) and with current temperatures around 8-10 degrees celsius (46-50 F) at 80% my range is estimated at 360km (~223 miles) [ 100% = 450km (~279 miles).

    I have noticed that my kwh/100km has increased as the weather has turned cooler but mostly like 14-14.5 kwh/100km (~4.4mi/kwh) to 15.5-16 (~3.9mi/kwh).

    Though, I just use heat the odd time mostly if there are others in the car since I don't find I need it yet and use Eco mode all the time. During the summer, it would estimate 486km (301 miles). I am keeping an eye on the ranges since I'm curious to see how it will change when we get the bone-cold weather of -35 c (-31 F) or -40 c (-40 F).
  5. Winter mode will definitely take a bite out of that with those cold temperatures.
  6. Cain

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    5.2 miles/Kwh is pretty good. I took delivery of my Kona mid winter here in Aus. I live in the snowies and have a 150Km weekly commute. A typical drive starts at -2 degrees C and maybe gets up to 5 by the end. I've done just of 3,500Km, and my average for the whole time is 15.8KWhr / 100Km, which comes to 3.8 miles/KWhr.
  7. JumpingIntoEV

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    The weather is turning colder here in Buffalo, NY. I have not used the heat much, yet, but I do see the guessometer drop the range very quickly when the heat is on. I do much more highway driving than city driving. In the city, 5 miles/Kwh is my norm. Highway driving, by average is 3.8 miles/Kwh, in without the climate control system on. I do worry that when I start using heating and also add winter tires, that 3.8 figure will drop. It is not unusual for me to drive 160 to 220 miles round trip for work, so going much below 3.8 may require stopping to add power along the way. Two months with my Kona EV and I just crossed 5,200 miles (8,300 km) and really like the car. Fun to drive. Good power. Just hope it does well in cold and some snow!
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  8. I drove through last winter. With heat and winter tires on I would get 340km reliably with highway driving and -30C Temps. That's about 210 miles.
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  9. XtsKonaTrooper

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    Im in Western Ontario, and as the nights are getting colder now. i am averaging about 430km now compared to 460 km range.
  10. Based on range or GOM?
  11. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    Surprisingly, Both.
    My range might be a little less then the GOM at times if i decide to gun it for some reason. But on average, cuz most of my driving is consistently highway both figures are usually close. Ive noticed some ppl get insane GOM results but ive always been curious if the range is way less. Grant it, im sure if they drive like granny and only do city, i can see a person getting good range.
    Also, i hardly use any climate, just a habit from having my prev Ioniq plus PHEV.
    Im just over 15,000km and ive given up checking, the differences on the odometer.
  12. Cain

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    @XtsKonaTrooper What you're saying is consistent with my drive this morning. We had an unseasonal frost last night so I started my 150Km commute at 0 degrees C outside and finished it at 7 or so. One thing I did do was pre-warm the Kona to 22 degress C on wall power before I started --One of my favourite features of the car :).

    With seat heating on low, cabin left at 22, and the cruise set on 105Km/hr at the end of the 150Km the car reported that 6% of the power went to climate, and 2% to electronics (which I think includes heated seats). So 8% in all "wasted" on comfort.

    Colder will obviously be worse, but the cost to heat air from 0 to 22 wouldn't be a lot different than from -5 to 17. I've read it's a lot "cheaper" to use heated seats than climate. So you can probably keep the losses to something like 10-12% by dropping the cabin temp, and turning on the sear warmer.
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  13. BlueKonaEV

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    You guys are talking about heating and I still run the A/C... We are just finishing the (most likely) hottest October on record for Central Florida. Highs have been between 82 and 92 F, 27 to 34 C and lows between 68 and 78 F, 20 - 26 C. I'm longing for cooler weather.. Cool here in Florida means mid 70's for the high and low 60's for the low (24 - 25 C for high and 15 - 17 C for the low)..
    Water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico is still 82F (27 C)..
  14. XtsKonaTrooper

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    I find with the heated seats and steering, that can keep ya fairly warm. I will definitely be taking advantage of the preheated option as that will that will take the edge off. Also, even though the climate is off, make sure it is set on recirc, or the cold air will come in especially at highway speeds. The OL suggested for longer 400km return runs, to bring this one micro fleece blanket fir the legs, hehehe.
  15. ericy

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    A light hat of some sort can help keep your head warm (like a knit thing that you just pull on).

    I am still trying to get my head around how much of the drop in range is due to using heat, how much is due to colder batteries, and how much is due to other factors.
  16. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    Yeah, winter time i always have a beanie on hehehe.
    The winter mode will help the batteries but cold does limit them and at highway speeds, the windchill factor keeps them cold.
  17. Yup, all good tips. One thing I am wondering about is whether to lower regen (eg from 3 to 1) during icy conditions. My concern would be loss steering control if your front wheels skid when you let off the throttle. Perhaps the people that have gone through a winter already with their Konas could comment whether this is a legitimate concern or not.
  18. Wasn't any issue for me last winter. Don't forget, ICE car have drivetrain drag when you let off the gas too. I didn't notice it drove any different from ICE with the Regen.
  19. GPM432

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    One thing I did do was pre-warm the Kona to 22 degress C on wall power before I started --One of my favourite features of the car :).

    I copied the above what is wall power and how does that work.

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