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  1. The transmission motor assembly is currently not even available to purchase. I never get warranty contracts, but the one off nature of these parts should make people strongly consider it. The water pump is electric, the ac is electric. Just those two items will set you back close to $3000 not including labor.
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    You can purchase Honda Cara as a "new car" as long as it's under 6000 miles. They laps based on the car mileage and time since original purchase date.
    If the car has more than 6000 miles but still under 36/30K, you can get a "Near New" contract. These laps based on the car mileage and time since the contract was purchased. Prices are higher by a few hundred, depending on the plan...
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    Thank you! That’s important to info to consider.
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    I contacted Hyannis Honda about getting a quote for Honda Care and, of course, they don't sell it for vehicles registered in Florida. I was told that Florida residents can only purchase in Florida. It looks like California and Florida are the only states that are not included in the drop down menu on their website. :(
  6. Does D80 cover road hazard like damage to windshield?
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    Not cool. Are you planning on getting a quote from a FL dealer for Honda Care?
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    No. Only covers problems soused by manufacturing/installation defects. They look very closely for impact evidence and only if there is none to be found will the warranty cover it.
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    Yes. I've reached out to a few, but from what I've since read online, the prices are pretty much set in stone due to Florida law/regulations.
  10. I’m planning to buy my clarity very soon. As others have said Hyannis Honda won’t sell you a contract if you live in California. I was able to get a quote from
    Saccucci Honda even though I live in california. $1464 for the d80 plan, no deductible.
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    No go from Sacucci Honda for Florida owners. :mad:
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    Makes complete sense. Most maintenance problems are either discovered in first 3 years or they start happening after 8 years when parts start to wear out. Warranties are given for the period with statistically lowest repairs are needed.

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    Then again, so is insurance, and I'm happy to pay for that. Sometimes it can be worth taking a bet that you hope to lose.
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    Same for us for our high mileage Civic, then Accord, now CRV. But given the different tech on these cars, and that likely the cars sat for half a year or so without batteries being charged on dealer lots, we're considering the coverage. Does HondaCare include battery issues? (haven't yet researched)
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    Yes, it does, but we already get an 8 yr (10 in Cali) warranty on the battery and some associated components listed in the Emissions Warranty. Honda Care does however cover some additional electronics and electrical components not listed in the Emissions Warranty so we do get some extra coverage there.
    Since the car is so new and has so much high tech that is very expensive to replace, I purchased the D80 Honda Care for $1,304 but would not have at my dealer’s regular price of $2,550. This is the first extended warranty I have ever purchased as I usually self insure. I felt this was a special case.
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    With all due respect, I think this is meaningless in our cases. I absolutely buy it in general, after all, if you 'make' money on buying a warranty that means, by definition, the dealer is losing money and your insurer will go out of business. So of course you 'lose' buying warranties--you want to lose or there will be no insurer there if you need them.

    But in THIS case, a new car, new technology, no telling for how long it'll be supported, if and when there will ever be aftermarket parts, all that--in the classic words of a quibbler, I think this is different. Maryland is giving me a $1,700 tax credit, I think in this one unusual case I'm going to bite the bullet and turn that into the 8 year, 120K warranty. This helps even for the first 3 years; I don't have to worry about squeaking out the miles for those three years.

    In this case with all the rebates I've been given, it just seems like a no-brainer to invest a few of them back into sleep-at-night security.
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    Agreed. I am still considering the purchase and you may have just convinced me.

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    After thinking about all the new tech inside the Clarity, and reading here that even seemingly-trivial parts like the water pump are amazingly expensive, I decided to get the D80. Got email quotes from Hyannis Honda, College Hills Honda, and Curry Honda. Sean Rausch at Hyannis Honda had the low price at $1304. I talked with him briefly over the phone to seal the deal, but we could have done it all over email. No muss no fuss, and a 5-minute phone call. Sean was unaware of this forum and that his name had been mentioned here by more than a few people.

    $1304 translates to roughly $260/year for each of the additional 5 years. I may never use the insurance I just bought, but I'll sleep easy at night...

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