Clarity - Any ideas on a bike Rack?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by cowgomoo, Jan 9, 2018.

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    My only point is you’re probably on your own for figuring out wiring if you actually intend to tow with this car. It’s a low production car with specific statement that car is not rated for towing. This means very few others will want it, so few will even explore the idea of offering a harness for it. If you want trailer wiring I am quite certain you’ll be buying a generic kit and splicing your factory wiring. Someone has to be first for everything. This time I think it’s probably you!
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    Of course if it is just you and a friend going biking, you don't really need a rack! You can: fold the back seats forward, take off the front wheels, and put one bike in the trunk and one across the back seats, and throw the two front wheels into the trunk. More specifically, you position the bike in the trunk with chain and gears up, turning the handlebars and pushing the left half of the handlebars through the opening onto the back seats towards the left, with the wheel pushed towards the right rear. Open the rear doors and place the second bike on the back seats once again left side of the handlebars forward (first push the front passenger seat forward for more room to maneuver). Reverse when taking them out.
    One bit of caution, especially when taking out the bike in the trunk: You don't want the sharp gears of the bikes to touch the insides or outsides of the car. it would be frugal to place a tarp to protect the rear bumper as you remove the bike. You don't want to cut the bumper with the sharp gears while you pull the bike out above the trunk bottom. In other words, you need to be very careful to avoid touching the body of the car. Two people doing the maneuvering helps! This caution is much less necessary if you buy coverings for the gearing, which also protect against chain oil on the backs of seats or trunk.
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    Yay, my Ecohitch from Torklift, on the evaluation program, has arrived. I have been loading my wife's scooter in my trunk to haul it around, now I will be able to use the cargo carrier. I look forward to getting the hitch installed. The Clarity version of the Ecohitch hitch is smaller and lighter than the one we put on her LEAF.
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    Can you let us know how this works? I notice that the hitch costs around $300. Does this include installation? If not, who installs it? Can most bike racks fit in this type of hitch? Please post a picture once you're done.
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    I was going to mention that. You'll definitely want to use some sort of waterproof (or rather, oil-resistant) covering to protect the fabric of the seats and the trunk lining; protection from the oil/grease on the bicycle chain and gears.

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    Aren't there implications for your Honda warranty, given that they say "no hitch"?

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    Actually, the Owners Manual doesn't say "no hitch." Here's what I found on page 375, which offers some wiggle-room for something like a hitch holding a bike rack:
    > Your vehicle is not designed to tow a trailer. Attempting to do so can void your warranties.
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    Hmmm... good to know but this might apply in US but not sure it will work within Canada... If this is really clear that it won't affect the warranty, Torklift hitch is the best choice that I have. Clean and solid
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    That's true; installing a 3rd party hitch won't void the entire warranty.

    On the other hand, if a Honda service shop determines that some damage to your vehicle is a result of installation of some non-standard equipment, they may decide that such damage is not covered under warranty.

    I doubt that will run much risk if all you're doing is carrying bicycles on a bike rack on the hitch. But if you're actually using the hitch to haul a trailer... that is, in my opinion, enough of a risk that you'd best get an automobile insurance rider for towing a trailer. Doubly so if you're new to towing and have never learned how to back up when towing a trailer, or if you're unfamiliar with how towing affects driving at highway speed.

    I don't want to be alarmist, but there is a bit of a learning curve, and those new to towing have a tendency to ignore the trailer and drive as if they weren't towing one. When towing, you should always keep in mind the trailer is there, increase your following distance to allow for greater required braking distance and more gentle braking; and be aware that some States have a lower maximum highway speed when towing. (Check out speed limits before setting out on your first highway trip while towing.) Also be aware that all but the smallest trailers will give your car greater problems with wind gusts and slick road conditions. When you park, try hard to find a place where you won't have to back out of the parking space; where you can drive off in the forward direction, at least until you master the art of backing up while towing a trailer. (In fact, some practice at that in an empty parking lot before your first trip is probably a good idea.)

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    Got an answer from Saris about their Bones 2 bike rack.

    Hi T,

    Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Bones 2 or any of our trunk racks are going to work on the Clarity. Our engineers noted the plastic shell on the trunk and the soft bumper as not being strong enough to take the weight of a rack and a few bikes.

    A hitch rack would be your only option for this vehicle based on our tests.

    If you have any other questions, please let me know.


    Customer Support Specialist

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