Check if Electric utility gives charging incentives for Clarity

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Robert_Alabama, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Robert_Alabama

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    Just thought I would mention that Alabama Power discounts residential rate by $0.017155 per kWh for 9pm to 5am for charging. That's nearly 15% off at night. You have to give them documentation (title application, etc) that you bought an electric vehicle or phev. They check again every year or so for current tag registration in order for you to keep the lower rate. Other utilities may have programs that are similar so I thought I'd mention it. None of the dealers ever tell anyone here when they buy.
  2. Bina12834

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    Good tip!
  3. ozy

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    I called my utility about this (LADWP in L.A) and they said that they don't' provide a rebate but they encouraged me to convert to a TOU (time of use) model. After reviewing my last few statements they said that I would save money by doing this and charging at low usage hours.
  4. Fast Eddie B

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    We’re back and forth and charging at N GA and E TN homes. I called our local TN power company and they said there were no incentives or off-peak rates. I have yet to call our GA power company - thanks for the nudge.
  5. Heino

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    Georgia Power has an EV rate for hours between 11 pm and 7 am. I’m currently gathering data on my usage to see if the higher daytime rate will be offset by a lower off peak rate.
  6. Fast Eddie B

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    Thanks. Our power is via a local cooperative, Tri-State EMC. I’ll let you know what they say.
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    I just called my provider of electricity. They do not have any kind of time-based rates; it's "under development". They do have a $200 rebate for installing a charging station, but this requires the installation of a sub-meter, the charge for which is more than $200. In this sense I envy those of you who live in actual civilization. "I don't live at the end of the Earth but you can see it from here."
  9. Fast Eddie B

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    Just spoke with Tri-State. No off-peak rates or EV incentives of any kind.

    Oh, well.

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