Car on but keeps saying to shift into Park

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Mattsburgh, May 7, 2019.

  1. Mattsburgh

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    So here's a new one. I was in the car and just wanted to move it down the driveway into my garage. I shifted into Drive and took my foot off the brake and the car started beeping and the dash said "shift into P" so I did and then I shifted back into D, immediately, beeping again and "shift into P" so I did and then I shifted into R, immediately beeping and "shift into P" wtf is going on? So I shift into Park, put on the brake, turn the car off. Turn it back on, same. So I finally shifted into Neutral and coasted down the driveway into the garage. Got halfway in the garage before ran out of momentum so I shifted into D and drove in the rest of the way without any problems.

    What the hell just happened? I noticed my driver's door wasn't closed but if that was the problem it shouldn't have suddenly been ok once I coasted into the garage halfway. So I'm wondering if it was something with the parking brake because when I tried to drive all it did was move like 2 inches and then .. well it was similar to the experience you have when you're on an incline in a ICE car and you park without using the parking brake, basically the transmission gears stop you. That's how this felt.
  2. XtsKonaTrooper

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    I think it was the door being open.
    I went to backup into driveway yesterday and opened the door to see the side of the house and it went into park.
    As i kept door open, i was able to put back into R and reverse fine.
    I was meaning to test it again but forgot.
    As a safety feature it makes sense
  3. CJC

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    It was the door being ajar. Has happened to me twice. Second time I knew what was happening immediately.
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  4. justfortheride

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    I can also confirm this has happened to us too What confused us the first time was that the door was ajar, but not so much that it triggered the image showing an open door. The second time we figured it was the door, opened it and gave it a good shut, and alas all was well!
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  5. Mattsburgh

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    I guess I can buy that, but it must mean the door closed more on my coast down the driveway, enough to satisfy the sensor. The weird thing is the dash didn't indicate the door was ajar at any point.

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