BMW i3 REx Long Distance Question

Discussion in 'i3' started by Viking79, Apr 5, 2018.

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    No, made the trip in only a few more hours than a regular car. I just need to finish writing my blog. To make the trip in this amount of time requires the use of gas. Actually, I saw a several of the same cars pass me throughout the day, so those cars obviously weren't making better average time. Even if driving 10 mph faster.

    Although I dropped to 30 mph in a few spots for a short amount of time, my average moving speed was still close to 65 or 70 mph. I was never really a hindrance to traffic as it is easy to pass a vehicle that speed. Slow vehicles are only a problem in the passing lanes (what slows up traffic is a vehicle passing another at like 0.5 mph faster).
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    Coded so you have more battery reserve and hills are no longer a problem.

    Bob Wilson
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    Exactly, I will do that if I do another long trip, but honestly, that is why we have the Clarity PHEV. It has no trouble holding 80 mph.
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