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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Jamas, Nov 13, 2019.

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  1. I was looking at the "NOCO Boost Plus GB40" jump starter in case my 12-volt battery ever dies on me. In reading the "Questions" section on Amazon, they seem to indicate that you can't use it for electric vehicles. Anyone know why that might be the case? And if that is the case, are there other similar products I can purchase in the US that would work?
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  3. will this work on my toyota prius 5 2015 hybred

    The Boost line of jump starters are compatible with the starting battery in hybrid vehicles as long as the starting battery in question is compatible with the Boost. The Boost can be used on all Lead-Acid batteries. These include Wet-Cell, Gel-Cell, AGM, AGM+, Maintenance Free, and EFB batteries. The Boost will also work with Calcium-Calcium and Calcium-Lead batteries. As long as the unit is used on a 12V ignition system for a gas or diesel engine and on one of the aforementioned battery types, it will work. see less
    NOCO Support
    Manufacturer · September 30, 2019
  4. Since an EV doesn't need high cranking amps, is there not a lower priced jump battery that we can use?
  5. In theory two 6 volt lantern batteries wired in series, duct taped together, alligator clips would do the job ~$10 , available Walmart, Canadian tire, etc. How cheap do want to go?
  6. Yeah, if it works. Not sure how much it takes to power up a dead 12V enough to start the car.
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  8. The car needs very few watts to start up the on board electronics, likely less than 200 watts. It mostly needs a voltage boost to get the electronics to recognize the power remaining in the starter battery. I dunno, theoretically should work if the battery isn't frozen solid. Someone should try it :)
  9. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    Some of the juice will be used to try and recharge the 12V battery. Not sure how much this is, but it could be significant.

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  10. I wanted a jump starter that I could use with my ICE cars as well.
  11. It's still not clear to me if it is acceptable. It says it can be used on all Lead-Acid batteries (which is what the Kona EV has), but it also says "As long as the unit is used on a 12V ignition system for a gas or diesel engine". So does this mean it's a no-go?
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  13. If you read further in the 100 page Q+A section seemingly folks wit EVs such as I3 and leaf respond in the affirmative. I honestly don't see an issue but its your car and if your really worried about it ask your dealer or the manufacturer of the device for a more definitive answer.
  14. Apparently you can start a car with AA batteries. So I am thinking my lantern battery idea might be overkill :). I love this guy he does a great job at making electrical knowledge fun.

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  15. The reason they mention gas and diesel is that a diesel engine, especially trucks, requires a much higher cranking power to start. This particular unit can do both. It would be fine for the Kona and any other hybrid or ICE car or truck. There are others available that are less expensive and aren't powerful enough to start a diesel this would also be fine for EVs, hybrids and gasoline powered engines.
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  16. Haha, yeah, that is pretty good, and funny. Looks like all we need to do is carry a few AA batteries...:)
  17. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    I bought one of these when it went on sale, cuz it can power my heated glove liners too.

    Car Jump Starter, TrekPow G22 1500A Peak 12V Auto Battery Booster (Engines up to 8.0L Gas/6.5L Diesel) Upgraded Jump Pack with UltraSafe Smart Clamps, QC3.0, Type-C Input&Output, LED Flashlight
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  18. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

    There must be dozens of brands, all similar but some more powerful than others. Mine has a "boost" setting and I wonder if this would be necessary when not turning a crankshaft.
  19. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    My understanding is, there is no cranking with the electrical ignition. Imo the portable battery pack is going to bring the charge up in the 12v battery, to whatever the minimum voltage is needed to satisfy the EV system. Once the system sees this, it will allow it to operate and then further charging will be provided by the EV battery.
  20. I have this exact one, its pretty decent. I recently started a dead CRV and Tundra battery with it. It was around 0 degrees Celsius and it had no problems. Now I have my doubts it would start a dead cold soaked truck at minus 20C but should be perfect for an EV. Keep in mind if you keep your charger in the car in the winter and its very cold it will limit its output, but the battery will warm with repeated booster attempts. Also be cautious about recharging the lithium battery if its been stored in freezing temperature as I am not really certain how good its battery management logic really is.
  21. Any concerns about keeping it in the car in the summer when it gets very hot?
  22. It hasn't exploded yet if that is what your asking :)
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