Barra says GM to increase Bolt EV production

Discussion in 'General Motors' started by WadeTyhon, Mar 7, 2018.

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    I'd trust your memory for such details more than my own, Wade. Probably I read "later this year" (or words to that effect) and inferred model year 2019.

    Anyway, it wasn't my intention to dispute what you said, especially not on this subject!
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    As long as we're on the subject: I found what InsideEVs news editor Jay Cole had to say about it, in a comment not all that long ago, was worth archiving:

    There is no battery supplier that will let a company make a set order, then guarantee 2X expansion of that order over the short term/‘just in time’ model if that OEM finds unexpected demand. Especially not LG Chem, who is first to market with inexpensive/2nd gen batteries and currently has ~21 different OEM contracts. They would of course say they will do their best to oblige as best they can, but that would be it... there is no leverage.​

    Jay Cole, comment at, May 30, 2017

    But then, Jay didn't specify what "short term" is in this context. Six months? A year? Two years?
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    Thank you, having re-read this quote, I do wonder if he is referring to 'short term' just in the context of turnaround time... or if he is referring to 'short term' as in a period of time. Or maybe both! (Although my previous reading of this was purely as the lead up to an increase of production.)

    As in... they may be able to pull off a large increase in production in just 6 months so long as it is a sustained production could be guaranteed for 2 or 3 years.

    Or they could require a long lead time as well as a guarantee in production over an extended period of time.
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    Could be right. The Beijing Autoshow is in April/May. Possibly we see a close to production concept revealed then. Though it would be make me sad, as it would probably mean the vehicle wasn’t intended for North America.
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    Well, I imagine at least some small portion of this production increase is going to be Cruise vehicles. In addition to upgrading the facilities at Orion, GM will be updating it's facilities at GM's Brownstown Battery Assembly plant. Getting closer to that 2019 launch!

    "The largest U.S. automaker also said roof modules for GM’s self-driving vehicles will be assembled at its Brownstown Battery Assembly plant."
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    They should make even better margin on these Cruise Bolts, considering they don't even need to have steering wheels. :D


    I kid.
  7. WadeTyhon

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    Good point! Think of the tens of dollars they could save!

    They probably got the idea to save money by removing the steering wheel from Ford. :)

    Ford probably should have included the autonomous tech before removing the steering wheel though.
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    All prototype self-driving cars are experimental, but some are more experimental than others. :D
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