Advice on how to sell one's car privately?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Kitsilano, Dec 26, 2019.

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    For financial reasons I must sell my 2019 Kona Electric, Ultimate, White with 15,000 km, one year old in mid-January 2020, wearing Nokian all-weather WRG4 tires, so the car is actually better than new. I live in Vancouver, BC.
    How should I go about this job? What price should I ask for the car? I absolutely love my car and the EV experience. I'm selling very reluctantly. Any advice from the forum gang on how to sell a used Kona EV would be welcomed. (Sorry guys, but I've bought a cheap, old---gasp!--- Honda Civic.)
  2. Well I guess this place is a good place to start, I'm sure there are some forum lurkers that may be interested. As far as price take a look at black book web site to get a rough idea of either average retail or wholesale price(trade in). If you have a friend in car sales they can look up regional auction sales from sites like Adesa. Problem there is not many used Kona's to compare to. Nothing wrong with a Honda Civic, we gave up a manual 2015 Civic as trade on our Kona. It was a great car for the 4.5 years we had it.
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  3. Depending how fast you need to sell the car, maybe go back to the dealer you purchased it from. Any where you sell it in B.C. (unfortunately due to the one time Provincial and Federal rebates) there will be a $8K hit right off the bat plus depreciation :(. Sorry to here you may be leaving the forum as your posts have been most informative.
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    Hi Kitsilano,
    Sorry that you have to sell your Kona EV, but I think most of us have had to do similar in our life times. We have only sold privately once and it was to a friend so it was pretty safe. You have to be careful from what I have read with strangers taking it for a test ride and not letting potential buyers inside your home. Some people do sell to dealerships and car consignment places. You lose it a bit but it saves the headache of worrying about being hornswoggled by someone. We are trading our 2019 Kona EV in during February once a year of ownership has passed due to the grants will have to be returned to the government if we don't wait a year. This group may be a good place to find an honest buyer. You can get an evaluation on the BCAA Black Book. They will actually put you in touch with a dealer who wants to buy it on their Black Book section. When I looked to see what our was worth, it asked if I wanted a dealer to call me to buy it. I read this about selling:

    Before you sell your car in BC (British Columbia) privately
    November 22, 2016Car News, Uncategorized, Used Car Dealer Vancouver, Used Cars Richmond, Used Cars Vancouver

    Know these things before you sell your car in BC (British Columbia)

    Selling your own car may be really time consuming for private car sellers. The quickest and easiest way to sell your car would definitely be to a dealership. You will get a little less but you bypass all the stress of selling your own car. I know how difficult it might be to sell a car privately. When I tried to sell my car privately I was really lost as to how the process of selling my car goes, especially to a private buyer.

    If you are interested to sell your car quickly and easily please visit us at LPAUTO or SELL YOUR CAR HERE

    Here are a few tips for you before you sell your car to a private buyer:

    • Print a lien search and a accident history report because people buying your car will want these two things. The simplest way to acquire these two things is through Carproof
    • Do a pre purchase inspection at your local reputable dealer
    • Have a BC registration and transfer form ready
    • Give your vehicle a full detail before showing the buyers
    • Be creative with your ads online
    • Request only to be paid at the bank or with a bank draft
    • Have a Autoplan agent in mind before you sell
    Now that you have the knowledge of everything you need to know before you sell your car, we wish you luck with it!"
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    Might be interested in purchasing....what$$ do you want.

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