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Discussion in 'LEAF' started by Kenneth Bokor, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Kenneth Bokor

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  2. Kenneth Bokor

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    It was a sad day last week when the Ontario government announced the Cancellation of the EHVIP/EVCIP programs. For those who are affected, any orders you have in prior or on July 11th, for a qualifying EV that get delivered/registered/plated by September 10th, will still be ok to receive a rebate for.

    If your order does not get delivered by then or you put an order in after July 11th, you are eligible for nothing as the program is no longer valid.

    I fully expect EV sales to slump dramatically here in Ontario in the 2H of 2018 and into 2019. Hopefully we can get the Provincial Government to relook at this program in some fashion in the future.
  3. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    Sure. There was a very dramatic drop in EV sales in Hong Kong and in the U.S. State of Georgia right after EV subsidies ended. It would be shocking if the same thing doesn't happen in Ontario.

    Of course, the dramatic drop is preceded by a sharp rise, as people rush to take advantage of the subsidy before it ends. We really shouldn't look at the situation as people choosing not to buy EVs, so much as choosing to buy them sooner than they would have otherwise. Just time-shifting their purchase to an earlier date.

    When comparing the before-and-after effect, I think we should ignore the one or two financial quarters before the subsidy ends, and the three quarters after it ends, to do a proper comparison.

  4. Domenick

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    @Kenneth Bokor has published a two-month update on his LEAF ownership experience.

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  5. Kenneth Bokor

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    Thanks Domenick for posting. Forgot to do that!
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  6. Marcel_g

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    The only way this gets re-looked at is if our government changes. The Doug Ford PCs will govern with chaos, stupidity and vindictiveness until they're voted out.
  7. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Gentle reminder. Let's avoid getting into discussions of personalities in politics here. I understand the situation is frustrating for many, but let's try to keep the tone, at least, positive.

    It's fine to talk about specific policy issues, but talking about politicians themselves generally isn't helpful.
    Thank you for understanding.
  8. Marcel_g

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  9. Kenneth Bokor

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    Hi I have not. I don't charge it every day back to 100%. I may go 3-4 days before charging back to 100%. The new Leaf does not offer the 80% option, like the previous gens did, so I would have to play with timer settings and that is an issue since I am not always back home at the same time everyday.

    I spoke with a Nissan engineer in the USA about this a few months ago and was told, just drive the car like you would normally. Plug it in every night at Level 1 or 2 if you want - no issues. So, that is my take on it. Plus with Nissan's 8-Year warranty, I can live with a 30% loss within that time period if it happens.

    This may be a naive approach but I feel for the vast majority of consumers purchasing an EV for the first time, especially a Leaf, this is the way they will drive/charge it. It's the minority that are all hung up on stats, numbers, etc. and analyzing Leaf Spy graphs all the time. I have LSPro so I can get a more accurate Temp and SoC readings, as the current Nissan dash display does not provide enough detail of info. Plus the GOM has a safety buffer of about 10% programmed so that if/when I get down to low SoC, I'll have a clearer picture with LSPro to tell me whats left in the "tank" when I have the dash-dash-dash displaying.

    Thanks very much for the link and I'll read that info for sure.
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  10. Aaron_Menchions

    Aaron_Menchions New Member

    Hey Ken, I am anxiously awaiting for my red SL to come here in Ottawa, and have watched your videos to tide me over along with many others.

    I believe in your last video it looks like you have a Flo charger. Do you have the X5 or G5?

    Once I get confirmation my car is on a truck heading here, my next step is to pick a charger and get it installed, so was curious what you had picked.

    I agree with your points too. I'm looking forward to using it as a commuter car and second car, without worrying about rapidgate, needing 400 kms of range, etc. In all the opinions online, I often wonder if everyone who's complaining actually would take this car on a long journey, or if they just complain for the sake of the one trip a year they may do.

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  11. Marcel_g

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    Hi Domenick, I can see your point, I'll try to tone it down. In my defense however, Ford's politics of chaos is more a statement of fact, rather than an ad-hominem attack: https://thewalrus.ca/chaos-politics-comes-to-canada/

    All of Ford's initial moves also point to governing by antagonism, doing things just to antagonize more liberal or progressive minded people, whether they cost the province more money or not. This means cutting or cancelling every environmental, mental health, or educational program they can, just to be able to make gas and beer cheaper. So maybe you're right, I should've used 'rule by antagonism' rather than 'stupidity and vindictiveness', but they're not that far apart.

  12. Marcel_g

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    With my 2017 I just wait until it's around 30% or so before charging overnight on L1, which brings it back to around 80%. My daily driving is pretty short trips generally though. For the Leaf to really take the hassle out that though, I'd suppose you'd need to get one of the networked L2 chargers so you can control it at that point.
  13. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Member

    Hello Aaron, congrats on your EV purchase and thanks for watching the show!

    I actually have a Tesla Wall Charger and use the "Tesla Tap" adapter. I received the wall charger last year as a gift and wanted to use it so the adapter find saved me from buying another wall charger.

    I did look at the Flo and they seem to be the most expensive but very good quality so I would have most likely purchased one of those if not for the Tesla WC.

    I don't remember the specs of the X5 or G5 so base a decision on your environment and needs. The Leaf will only pull at home up to 6.6 kw, which is I believe 32 amps. So whatever you get needs to be rated for at least that or higher. The Tesla WC can go up to 44 amps I remember so I had it installed on a 60A breaker, as you need headroom for it by code and safety.

    If you google the Plug N Drive centre here in Toronto, they also sell home chargers and have a pretty comprehensive list of all the major brands as well as comparisons. You can even call someone there to get more advise, based on your home environment and needs (indoor or outdoor location of Charger?) and they can provide better advise then I.

    Would love to hear back from you when you get your Leaf, with a picture or video message. You can email me something at evrevolutionshow@gmail.com. Also, let me know how you make out with the charger choice and install.
  14. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    I'm personally not a fan of some of these new policies and decisions, like this wind farm or EV rebate cancellation, but it makes for more constructive discussion if we just focus on specific policies or legislation. Talking about Ford, in particular, won't affect him and may hinder good discussion.
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  15. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Member

    Yes and since I already had a wall charger (that does not network/have an app), I just do what I do. But good advice Marcel.
  16. BAllred

    BAllred New Member

    Not Ken obvi, but if you’re at all interested in the partial charging marcel mentioned, I recommend the emotorwerx juicebox pro 40 lite (or full version if you want to control it with google home). The app makes it easy to specify what percentage charge you want the session to end at. Plus, it’s easily portable
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  17. Reagle

    Reagle New Member

    Same here on charging- I just go for 3-4 days till I am no longer sure I have enough left for the next day, then plug it in. It charges to 100% by around 7AM and then I drive it. This way it does not sit too long fully charged and is usually living between 40% and 90%
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  18. Paul K

    Paul K Member

    If you get a handle on how much each hour on your charging dock adds to you percentage SOC you can use the timer so that you don't charge to full if you don't need it. I generally charge in the wee hours to get the best rate and find a SOC somewhere between high 70s and low 80s when I start the day. That's how ya do it.
  19. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Member

    Hello all, in case you did not know it, I made a short video a few weeks back on how ProPilot works and demonstrated it on a highway. I pointed out some info regarding safety and referenced past news stories involving Tesla.

    Well, sure enough another article comes out today basically stating exactly what I showed and stated.


    If you are interested in learning more about these technologies and seeing PP in action, you can check out the above story as well as watch my video, link below.

    Always welcome any questions.

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  20. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Member

    Great report on the success of the 2018 Nissan Leaf. I've been saying since day 1 that this model of the Leaf is targeted at the majority "greenfield" market of non-EV owners, as it fits a potentially large use case for that market. Here is further numbers to back that up.

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