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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by currypotter, Apr 3, 2019.

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    I will admit, I was nervous about doing this, but it does work.

    The video playing is only 360p. I need a new plugin for Firefox to download higher res. videos.

    One big scare. After rebooting it came up with "Software Update" and just sat there. It did warn me during the installation that this could happen and that I should just wait and it will go away. What it didn't tell me is that I had to wait 30 mins. In the meantime, I was freaking out. I contacted the guy at autohack and he assured me it would go away. It did and has not returned - phew. He does respond to e-mails!

    If you want to run Netflix, you will have to install the latest version of the Play Store and then update Netflix. YouTube works perfectly, just turn your phone into a hotspot and connect your Clarity to it. He does provide a less memory intensive version of YouTube which I run as this "Android Tablet" as we know is a few years old.

    Almost forgot. There is a feature where if you take it to the stealership, you can hide all of this temporarily and then recover it with a code when you get the car back.

    Not encouraging anyone to do this. Just sharing my experience. I did a similar hack in my previous BMW i3 to play video.
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  2. Can you tell me more about how you got Netflix to work? I hacked mine a few weeks ago just to play around but couldn’t get Netflix to install. Kept saying it wasn’t compatible with my version of Android. I’d love a step-by-step if you have the time!

    I also was unable to get all of the icons to hide when I had to take the car in so I removed the hack completely. If you have a way to get Netflix running though, I’d definitely take another swing at it.
  3. AlAl

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    Are you able to install a camera app to "see" if any of the cameras are recognized by the tablet?
    I know there are dashcam apps for android; would be nice if we could exploit the built in cameras for this purpose.
  4. currypotter

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    So I installed Netflix from the Hack app and it did not connect. So I installed Google Play, went to My Apps to find Netflix and updated it by taping on Update. After that it work. BUT, make sure you turn off the automatic updates options in Google Play as it will be a resource hogg.
  5. currypotter

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    I have not and to be honest, after the initial scare of the Software Update, I am reluctant to monkey with it.
  6. MNSteve

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    This is my own personal opinion.

    This procedure bothers me on two levels.

    First, I am not going to poke and prod at the software that has my life in its hands while I am driving at high speed. I expect that the entertainment facility is well insulated from the parts of the system that actually control the operation of the vehicle, but I've been in this business too long to depend on the isolation of one component from the other.

    Second . . . why? So that I can have even more temptation to be distracted while I am supposed to be driving? So that I can watch videos on a screen with mediocre resolution? If my passenger(s) want to entertain themselves while on the road, I'd prefer that they do so using their own smartphones. Even the navigation facility is a distraction that I need to be aware of and not allow to dilute my real job, which is driving the car.

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