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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by zoominbc, Jan 22, 2020.

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    A couple of weeks something hit the Kona's windshield but we couldn't see any visible signs of a chip however during the cold snap in BC the windshield cracked. I phoned our Hyundai dealer to see if they would handle the replacement but they said we needed to go to an auto glass place and they would be able to handle the tech in the glass. The glass place I chose ordered the glass and it arrived the next day, they assumed that with the features on the Kona they they would have to get OEM glass but their supplier said that they had the correct windshield in stock (not OEM). It turned out that the glass place did not have the capability to calibrate the sensors so had it sent over to a Hyundai dealer ( not my dealer) to calibrate and road test. This process took all day and I picked up the Kona the next morning.

    As soon as I got above 65 kph the dash lit up like a Christmas tree with all kinds or errors and warnings so I returned to the glass place. I don't think the road test was done properly by the Hyundai dealer. The technician at the glass place noticed immediately that the rain sensor had not been clipped in properly and that the camera mount was not properly attached to the glass. They spent another hour during which time they re-bonded the camera mount to the glass and said that if that didn't work they would replace the windshield.

    I wasn't entirely happy with this so I asked the technician to test drive it with me and it seems fine, he checked the lane departure detection point on both sides and said the car was fine.
    I'm still debating if I should insist that they do the calibration again or get them to replace the windshield again.

    In any case this is just a note to check to make sure that if you get your windshield replaced, the auto glass place is capable of doing the alignment for the Kona in house.
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  2. Were you charged anything from the Hyundai dealer for "re-calibration"?
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    Windshield replacement is covered in BC with a typical $200 deductible. I didn't have to pay any more for the calibration but the insurance company had to pay for it.
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