What causes a pro-EV person to publish an article like this?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Recoil45, May 2, 2021.

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  1. Was not aware there was 2 battery sizes. Sorry, I did not have my facts straight.

    I will always admit when I am wrong.
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  3. Earl

    Earl Active Member

    if anyone is into building and supporting high quality cars that don't require gasoline, I'm a fan. Tesla is the only one, therefore, I guess, the transitive property makes me a Tesla fan. If anyone else comes along I'm open. I've supported Phoenix Motorcars, Aptera, AC Propulsion, Wheego, Commuter Cars, BYD, Mitsubishi, Nissan, GM, Ford and others but none have had viable products or business plans yet. I have hopes that Ford's MachE may break them out of the ICE. I also hope for a good electric F150 and Hummer EV that might be useful trucks (I hate all previous Hummers). I'm concerned that Lucid, Bollinger, and Rivian may only be able to deal in the high end Rolls Royce/Land Rover market and, since I've never cared about luxury cars, I'm kind of apathetic to them along with MBZ, BMW, Audi, etc.

    Yes, love it! I've never had a car with either of those, nor do I ever want them. I do NOT want Google or Apple software anywhere near the control of my car. It's bad enough that Tesla uses Google's maps but that is different from letting Google or Apple install their toy/spy software in my car. I have phones, tablets, and laptops I can use for my toys -- but not while driving.

    I do wish the Model 3 had an AM radio though. The greater range of the 1 MHz signal gives one better broadcast connectivity when in the remote regions that I frequent.

    I've only had 2 cars with perforated leather seats. Tesla Roadster was one - no big deal.
    I've driven over 100K miles in my Model 3 in temperatures ranging from the -15 to +115 F with no problem. Of course, I often use a "fitness cover towel" (https://jumpattire.com) in my vehicles so I have an easily washable seat cover. They are great when it is hot I've put neoprene seat covers on most of my other cars since cars are tools for me and they get dirty.

    There are things I don't like about Teslas but they have far more important things that no other cars have today: Good EV engineering (efficiency, long battery life, low maintenance, etc), convenient charging infrastructure, best-safety, high-reliability, cheap-maintenance, Service Rangers, a path to a gas-free future, and they're single-handedly dragging the rest of the laggards along with them and showing them how to do it.

    In the mean time, enjoy the games and furniture in your car.
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  4. Earl

    Earl Active Member

    Is this supposed to be impressive?
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  5. Earl

    Earl Active Member

    Tesla tires don't chirp. They are RWD with good traction control.
    The great instantaneous control of motor torque in an EV leaves no excuse for such poor performance as would chirp tires. You should buy your car from a company who hires engineers, not just copiers that don't understand control software.

    I can also see no reason for FWD on an EV except with AWD. It only helps ICE because the inefficiently hot ICE, which is heavy, must go up from to get enough cooling to clear out the wasted energy. This puts a lot of weight up front, making the rear on a RWD too light to get much traction. The long, heavy driveshaft of an RWD front-engine ICE just adds a lot of useless weight, making the ICE even more inefficient. A well designed, cheap 2WD EV won't have these problems so there's no sense working around all of the transaxle and powered U-joint issues that come with FWD. Just balance out the car with batteries and drive the rear wheels for good handling.
    Again, clear indication that your car is a cheap copy of somebody else's ICE, not designed by engineers.
  6. No, but if you would read the previous posts, you would understand the context and see that I was just correcting Dan's post about only being 9.2 secs.
    Well, if you knew a bit more about the Kona, you would know that it is not an EV only car. But it has some pretty good EV chops nonetheless compared to other EVS. For example it has more range than your M3 STD Range Plus.. And FWD has its advantages over RWD in some situation, too, like in snow. You should know that, being in TX. You guys had more snow and colder weather this year than we had in Vancouver. And I certainly don't floor my car regularly, and make a spectacle of myself with chirping tires. But it is still enough to beat most sports cars from a red light, if I want.
    And instead of deflecting, how about answering these two questions?
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  8. Earl

    Earl Active Member

    Is there some part of my
    That you didn't understand?

    Is there some part about my
    That was unclear? In addition to reading my provided answers the first time I wrote them, you might also try to read my supporting information that I included with my answers as well. You might even learn something valuable.

    ... but it takes 40 minutes longer to recharge, thus losing the benefit except on short trips of a particular distance.

    I guess you didn't understand when I pointed out:

    I guess I didn't spell it out clearly how good handling is in snow as well as all the time.

    Must I say everything twice for you to grasp? Must I say everything twice for you to grasp? at least I don't have to write it again.
    Too much time wasted. Enjoy your Kona (I really don't hate it). I'm out.
  9. OK, when sifting through the other fanboi blather, I missed your response to my questions. So want to say you passed the fanboi test with your "no big deal" or "love the seats" answers. After driving and riding in my son's M3 for a year before I bought my Kona, can only say those are among the most uncomfortable car seats I have ever experienced. And my son and his family hates not having Carplay or Android Auto, and instead has to mount his phone just to get Waze. It is kind of sad that a car that expensive has such a poor quality interior. A top trim Corolla has a more luxurious and functional cabin.

    And my Kona doesn't phantom brake when going through an underpass (my son had that happen a couple times) or nearly ram into the back of a semi when in cruise control.

    Your M3 could really use a HUD, too, with only that center monitor that can distract your driving. I really learned to appreciate the one in my Kona. Gives you great situational awareness in traffic.

    And contrary to what you claim, my son's RWD Tesla is terrible in snow. FWD cars in general are always better in snow. Of course AWD is best. BTW, it was my son that recommended the Kona instead of the M3, like his.

    As for technology, no current Tesla can hold a candle to this newest Hyundai. Will be available to buy here in the fall.
    And good looking, too.

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