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    I enjoyed this balanced report about TSLA:
    Tesla delivery numbers reveal little about the future, unless you want them to - MarketWatch
    • "vehicle delivery data"
    • "price cuts of $2,000"
    • "reservations"
    • "overseas sales"
    A fair report of the 'bulls vs bears', have missed the increase in productivity:
    1. "vehicle delivery data" - an increase means Tesla has learned how to improve productivity beyond a 'sprint' effort although they can benchmark their success by doing an occasional sprint.
    2. "price cuts of $2,000" - increased productivity means margins have improved allowing a sustained margin even at a lower sale price.
    3. "reservations" - initially a market survey, had they been covered to holding in a TSLA stock mutual fund, this would have been a fair approach. So in effect, a stock holder, like me has made a reservation.
    4. "overseas sales" - how shocking, there are other humans on the earth?
    Bob Wilson
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    Some claim there are. There are even rumors that one or two of them have bought a Tesla Model S or a Model X!

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