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  1. Level 3 comes with "MINI Yours Leather Lounge" in black. There is no way to configure the interior upholstery colour in the UK.
    You can access the UK Build your MINI configuration tool here;


    I placed my order March 16 and was immediately assigned a week 25 build (June 15 - 21) with estimated delivery of June 30. I am told by the dealership that my build slot has not changed (yet), but I do hear of other dealerships in the UK with significantly delayed build slots on the Electric.

    Good luck to you!
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    Wow! The MINI Electric comes with a manual transmission in the UK! Once again, the US doesn't get the good stuff.


    Interestingly, the former Corona Spoke, now Power Spoke, wheels in the US are called the MINI Electric wheels on the UK configuration site.

    It appears that the MINI Electric logo appears on both floor mats instead of just the passenger's floor mat in the US Iconic trim level. I wish the Adaptive LED Headlights with Matrix Function were part of the US model.

    As with the US model, the UK MINI Electric inexplicably doesn't offer adaptive cruise control at any trim level. However, the configurator says the Cruise Control with Braking Function uses the brakes to maintain a constant speed going downhill. Why wouldn't it use regeneration rather than hitting the brakes?

    > From 18 mph upwards, the cruise control with brake
    > function automatically regulates the desired speed
    > and maintains it even when driving downhill, applying
    > the brakes when required.

    The configurator confusingly says of some "options", such as the Digital Cockpit (the 5-inch instrument panel):
    > Only available with additional optional equipment
    > Standard equipment

    I looked twice, but I didn't see where you could specify the Energetic Yellow mirror caps and front grille "blade" if you wanted them.

    There are so many more delete options offered on the UK configurator, but sadly, the fake bonnet scoop is mandatory.
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  3. The MINI Electric is not available with manual transmission in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

    As far as I am aware, apart from the Porsche Taycan, every production EV uses a single-speed transmission.

    The delete options you see are misleading. Similarly to in the US, the Electric cannot be customised other than exterior body paint colour, roof & mirror caps colour, yellow front blade & mirror caps, and wheels.
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    You clearly know more about the MINI Electric than the people who carelessly prepared the UK configurator website.

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