WATCH: Porsche Taycan’s Super Bowl 2020 Commercial (both version)

Discussion in 'Porsche Taycan' started by interestedinEV, Feb 15, 2020.

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  1. interestedinEV

    interestedinEV Well-Known Member

    After 23 years Porsche advertised in the super bowl though that was much shorter then the ad on their website. It features many Porsche's but star is the Taycan. If they are willing to spend so much money, I guess they are serious about promoting it.

    This is the Superbowl version which was limited to about a minute due to costs. It is about a heist, where a Taycan is stolen... not giving away the rest.

    Here is the full version on about two half minutes.

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  3. The commercials continue in 2021, this one (Mr. - E) :

    a clever re-write from a 2007 Epuron add for the wind (Mr. W):

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