The Inevitable De-Listing of the Fossil Fuel Industry by 2030

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    We've reached a point of lawlessness where corruption pushed by the fossil fuel industry is attempting to roll back protections for the public and flaunting raw greed and blatant corruption as the rational. We as a people through lawful means will find a way to hold the lawless heads of certain agencies that demonstrate utter contempt for the public accountable. We have to set an example to makes it clear that the backsliding is going to be reversed and there are serious enforced consequences for acting against the people and against the country and its interests.

    Seems utterly inevitable that the fossil fuel industry as part of the divestment movement will itself be delisted. The people though the government will make the exchanges delist the fossil fuel firms. Presumably a year's notice would be given to allow people to flee and during that time the share prices of those fossil fuels firms would go to penny stock levels and their owners will have to take the write offs. Its not a forfeiture they had endless warnings. We also have to bar foreign entities from purchasing these assets by freezing their assets if they make the attempt. US exchanges will be compelled to delist these firms or have their exchanges stocks (like NYSE) delisted followed by charter revocation. Tell the banks and insurance companies they will be delisted if they lend to or insure fossil fuel companies. Subsides will be cut as well. When these fossil fuel companies go bankrupt the US will nationalize their assets and dissolve their charters. It will then convert their liquid fuel infrastructure to the more useful purpose of using only 100% renewable energy to produce and distribute hydrogen from sea water for rocket fuel for the coming space industry. Obviously toxic 'natural' gas would be barred because it would be barred at the prior stage- even plastics will be made from renewable sources.

    There will be whining as there has been from the property is sacred crowd but, property is really not sacred. Its grants at the top and rent seeking at the bottom but no-body really owns anything they are simply being divested of what wasn't theirs in the first place. This divestment process is a slippery slope so we have to be careful to limit its scope to the necessary destruction of a malignant now obviously criminal industry. Look at the fossil fuel industry through the lens of organized crime also seems inevitable.

    Its already happening. Blackrock divested and they were the former biggest funder. Soon they will fall out of the S&P 500 because they aren't 'energy' or legitimate energy and they are failing on cost even with massive endless subsidies. But all their games are unraveling. They used to say well some part of fossil fuels would have to be retained. That is clearly not he case. Then they tried reverting to bait and switch tail pipe scams like in Diesel Gate and now Natural Gas disguised as hydrogen. And they tried to keep fossil fuel exposure in insurance a secret (even though it was socializing endless losses,) and they set up the stupid derivatives came to try to hide the stranded assets and tried to make the derivatives opaque- its all a ponzie scheme. Now all these foolish companies trying to say they will quit their drinking and gambling habits 30 years from now. No its just them trying to delay sentencing but they've run out of delays and appeals.

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