Tesla will sell 250k this year? Tax Incentive Expiration

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by siway, Aug 9, 2018.

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    Tesla has no dealers. Their margins include the cost of sales, their Tesla stores.

    Bob Wilson
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    Updating my little chart, which easily refutes all the bleating from the anti-Tesla "Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!" pack about supposedly "falling" demand for Tesla's cars, a Big Lie they keep repeating on a daily basis:

    Tesla’s global automobile sales totals:
    2012: 2650
    2013: 22,300
    2014: 31,655 (+41.95%)
    2015: 50,580 (+59.8%)
    2016: 76,230 (+50.7%)
    2017: 101,312 (+32.9%)
    2018: 245,240 (+142%)

    "To put our growth into perspective, we delivered almost as many vehicles in 2018 as we did in all prior years combined."
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    Since you are actually "putting your money where your mouth is" to some extent, by investing in Tesla stock, then I'd say it's more than just your opinion. Your investment may not help Tesla directly, but increasing demand for Tesla's stock means the price goes up, which means Tesla finds it easier to get the investor money and/or borrow the funds it needs for continued growth.

    So as a Tesla fan (one who isn't an investor himself), I say: Thank you, Bob!
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    Of course, Ripley (in the 1986 science fiction thriller "Aliens") had a good reason for her sarcastic question. Contrariwise, the short-selling serial Tesla basher who calls himself "TeslaInvestors" is treating us readers as if our IQs have dropped sharply. That is just one of many indications he doesn't have any good or valid anti-Tesla arguments; none which are actually based on facts.

    I'm sure nearly all Tesla watchers, and most EV advocates, know that one of the reasons Tesla is succeeding in competing with larger legacy auto makers is because they have "cut out the middle man" of the dealership!

    Sure, running Tesla stores and service centers is part of Tesla's monthly expenses. But unlike legacy auto dealers, Tesla stores and service centers don't have to generate profit for themselves, so don't add as much to the price that customers have to pay. That allows Tesla to offer more competitive prices on its cars.

    Does "TeslaInvestors" think we all have low IQs, so won't notice that he's trying to portray one of Tesla's strengths as a weakness?!? If he really thinks we are that obtuse... well then, I guess we know whose IQ really has dropped sharply, don't we?
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