Tesla rockets $30 billion past Toyota and passes Exxon in market cap

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    Toyota plans to sell some ultra tiny amount of RAV4 Primes per quarter and only in Japan (basically just a RAV4 with a Volt ev range) not an aggressive vehicle at all but when the demand for ev miles is high they then cancel the program right after it started.

    But in the news there are countless articles trying to say Tesla didn't pass Toyota in market cap saying its in the future. No it happened in the past and today it went way past Toyota. And then there is fossil fuel shill rag BNEF today moving the goal posts again trying to claim that by 2024 BEVs might reach price parity with ICE vehicles because by that point we might be below $100 a kwh- right when CATL is selling for 80 a kwh right now and maybe as low as $60 a kwh internally. I think it was Lawrence Livermore labs that had the parity point at $128 per kwh back in 2011. Same MSNBC article pushing the BNEF fossil fuel propaganda tried to say that EVs had only reached parity with premium niche SUVs. Simply not the case, Model Y hits the middle of the market and will reach way down. And VW's ID3 even if the software doesn't work out will give you a car better than a ICE Golf for less than the price of the ICE Golf. That is huge and its huge even with a real world range that may still be in the 170 miles range and even if software issues keep it as dumb as a GM Bolt. Its Huge because VW will make a ton of them apparently and its still perfect for commuting.

    Another set of fossil fuel short types has joined International Shill Services and Glass Lewis whining about Musk saying he is bad for Tesla's reputation when Musk just helped drive a Green Energy company and EV company (Tesla) past the value of Exxon and he only gets paid when share holder value increases. How much rubbish is that? Musk is fighting for what is right and the others are fighting for what is wrong. On the Tesla side you have justice, liberty and equity and on the other side you have the people who argue along the lines of one of the classic theories of justice that injustice is when a tyrannical might-makes-right sovereign is opposed in anyway in essence that the only right behavior is sucking up to corruption and that it is not fair when that doesn't go as they expect and demand, its literally evil.

    So I think what we are seeing now is ICE legacy automakers being de-capitalized. You saw what happened when the American Big 3 got in Tesla's rear view mirror. They passed a point of leverage where the market had shifted the burden of proof onto them. They are in essence penny stocks, each as been found to have the rot of leprosy around them and has been quarantined to the bargain bin. Their capitalization has been transferred to Tesla- where it belongs.

    Was mentioning that it seemed you could tell the companies that were going to survive based on whether they had hydrogen fuel cell programs. Forgot that BYD had one and it also took the solar cells of the tops of its buses (maybe that was the point of Buffet buying into them?) Don't believe in BYD now if they have a fuel cell program, maybe Xpeng. Noted that Buffet in buying that battery backed solar project in NV (where he worked to wreck solar) may have that project return 8x over its life. But point is fuel cells and hydrogen are natural gas and natural gas (besides being, morally, politically, ethically wrong) is a bet on carbon sequestration. How would you do that? Presumably through something like Soil Carbon's approach? Seems it would have to be based on soil organisms. But you still couldn't have natural gas- everything about so called natural gas has been in reality as contemptible as the 3rd Reich its based on the same kinds of thinking and sentiments its scarcity producing idiocy has kept us from things like the clean safe forms of nuclear like Thorium. If we want to get rid of fossil fuel's ability to drown us out with bribery we have to get rid of sponsored forms of media and sponsored forms of search- democracy simply cannot survive that conflict of interest it is so obvious.
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    I would rather watch a SpaceX launch than fireworks . . . sound and fury signifying nothing.

    Bob Wilson
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    Why is this in ev general.
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    Super simple why its in EV general. Because it involves more than one EV manufacturer and it celebrates the massive mind share victory, real victory and symbolic victory of an EV and Green energy company being recognized by the market as worth more than both the worlds formerly most valuable auto maker and the worlds historically most valuable and powerful oil company where oil (not coal or NG) will always define the fossil fuel age (which is obviously coming to a quick end) for posterity.

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