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    So this is comment posted at: https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/15/t...-in-more-deliveries-before-dec-31/?yptr=yahoo

    Thanks to stock shorter news and Elon’s unfortunate post, I bought TSLA in two lots, $305 and $260 per share. Since then, TSLA went up so I took a small profit and 30% diversified into gold, KL, in anticipation of another Trump ‘victory’.

    I’ve got a TSLA sell order at $420 to keep the stock from being ‘borrowed’ by short-sellers. Once it gets to ~$370, I’ll bump the sell order from $420 to $520.

    During the coming Trump depression, I’ll convert the gold stock back to TSLA and ride it up again. Hopefully good friend “Edwin Severs” will help throw dirt on TSLA so I can buy it at a better price.

    User "Edwin Severs" claims TSLA is a scam ... another useful idiot. Regardless, securing trucking makes sense. Elon put a seat manufacturing line in Fremont because Model S production was held up due to an unreliable seat maker.

    Elon does not trust anyone who can slow or stop any critical step from manufacture to delivery. In Q3, he found car carriers were the bottleneck but that won't be the case in Q4.

    Bob Wilson
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    Yeah, but I don't see how that translates to buying one or more companies that make car carrier semi trailers/ trucks. Tesla certainly needs to plan ahead by contracting for car carrier trucks in advance, and if that's not sufficient then they need to buy some car carrier semi trailers. Tesla already has a lot of irons in the fire; I don't think they need to diversify even more buy actually buying the company that makes the trailers/ trucks.

    Unless... Could it be that Tesla plans on using a car carrier truck factory to produce its Semi Truck? That actually might make sense!

    Quick, let's start a rumor!
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    Requirements should drive purchases and if some think a pickup meets ... who am I to complain. It is, after all, their money. By the same token, I'm fond of plug-in hybrids which meet my requirements. I'm just glad they are available for reasonable prices.

    Bob Wilson
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    As I was falling asleep last night, I realized there is an unspoken requirement:
    A "Grapes of Wrath" requirement that requires everything to be loaded for a dash away from some disaster. Yet local 'white collar' commuters park their pristine pickups at the office and think nothing at all of a more practical commuting car. In contrast, the pickups of my farm relatives have scratches and dimpled tow balls.

    Bob Wilson
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    Guys who drive a pickup as a commuter car are what I call "suburban cowboys".

    Reminds me of a long-ago "Shoe" comic strip which stuck in my mind. The scene is the local auto repair shop. The mechanic and a customer are admiring one of the cars in for service; it's a large SUV fully loaded with offroad equipment such as oversized tires, bull bars, a front-mounted winch, etc. "So what's it in for?" asks the customer. The mechanic points to a tiny spot on the fender just above the rear wheel and says "It's got a little ding here."

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    Or late at night, a "Midnight Cowboy."

    Bob Wilson
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    From Forbes: "Thrills, Frills And Foibles Of New Mid Range Tesla Model 3"

    I always appreciate an actual owner taking the time to give us his personal report on a new car.

    * * * * *

    I also learned something. The writer says that the Long Range RWD Model 3 has a top speed of 140 MPH. I thought that was incorrect; that only the Performance trim of the Model 3 has a top speed above 125 MPH.

    But it turns out he's right. Finding a chart for the various Model 3 top speeds required a lot more of my Google-fu than I expected, but I finally found a chart:

    Tesla Model 3 Version Comparisons
    ........................ 0-60 mph (sec) ... Top Speed (mph) ... Range (mi)
    Model 3 Mid Range (RWD) ..... 5.6 ............. 125 .............. 260
    Model 3 Long Range (RWD) .... 5.1 ............. 140 .............. 310
    Model 3 Long Range (AWD) .... 4.5 ............. 145 .............. 310
    Model 3 Performance (AWD) ... 3.3 ............. 155 .............. 310

    Caveat: Some or all of those (EPA) Range numbers have been intentionally under-reported by Tesla, but those are the official specifications.
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    From Electrek: "Tesla Supercharger gets taken over by anti-Tesla pickup truck drivers acting aggressively"

    Apparently for some knuckle-draggers in North Carolina, "rolling coal" and spewing out huge clouds of black diesel soot from their pickups isn't enough. Apparently some of them think they need to block a Tesla supercharger station and yell obscenities at Tesla car owners.

    I wonder what the world would be like without such intolerant, ignorant jerks? I dunno, but I'd love to find out!
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    From Green Car Reports: "Pickup drivers target Tesla Superchargers in 'ICEing' incidents"

    There was an InsideEVs news report about this, but it was reported as an isolated incident. According to the report linked here, it has become a pastime for knuckle-draggers in the "Old South", in a manner similar to "rolling coal".

    Looks to me like these jerks are just begging to get their tires slashed.

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    A better answer:


    Bob Wilson

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