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Discussion in 'Fiat/Chrysler' started by SBNC, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. SBNC

    SBNC New Member

    I’m completely new to EV, and would like to make the switch for my daily driver. My round trip, is roughly 50 miles of back roads.

    Living outside of CA, I’m forced to purchase one used. There are a few for sale locally for decent prices. 2015-2017 model years, with under 50k miles for 7-11k.

    So here come some very basic questions..

    How long do batteries last? I would be forced to park this in my driveway, which would obviously see rain. Do they make home chargers that can be subjected to the outdoor elements? Can you use an extension cord?

    What sorta warranty are on the batteries from Fiat? From my brief research, it appears replacement costs are $5,000+....

    Do the 500e have any common problems?

    Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.
  2. TA in California

    TA in California New Member

    I have a 500e and like it very much. I'd think carefully if I was too far from a dealer though. All I needed was a firmware update, and a normal Dodge/Chrysler dealership wouldn't touch it.

    The car comes with a charger with a long cord. Mine hangs on the wall in the garage and can charge the car in the driveway. Art 120v, it only adds 5% an hour. That is probably too slow given the length of your commute. You'll probably want a 220v outlet in the garage. That is about three times faster. I try not too charge in the rain, but it can be done.

    My battery seems to hold up well, but try to avoid charging to 100% every day. Not good for battery health. That means you don't have alot of leeway. If you live in a cold climate, you will be tight on range.

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