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  1. jim

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    Nov 8th 2018 I also found the Torque APP for 4.95 on line. I can now read the battery capacity in 2 minutes with any amount of charge on the Spark EV, A Volt ot s Bolt. It's a great app but adding the PIDS is not easy. The files with them is on the spark ev facebook.
  2. lem

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    You might check out Carvana. They list under "optional" if the Spark has a quick charger.
  3. jim

    jim Active Member

    I also now use an OBDII reader and the TORQUE APP with the Chevy PIDS from a facebook forum on the SPARK EV. I only have 13.3 kWh battery Cap left. All the other 12 I have checked are from 14.4 to over 16.6 kWh. My neighbor has a 2015 with 90K miles and good battery CAp at 14.8
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  4. Cypress

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    What OBDII reader do you have? Does the Torque App work on iPhones?

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