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  1. jim

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    Nov 8th 2018 I also found the Torque APP for 4.95 on line. I can now read the battery capacity in 2 minutes with any amount of charge on the Spark EV, A Volt ot s Bolt. It's a great app but adding the PIDS is not easy. The files with them is on the spark ev facebook.
  2. lem

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    You might check out Carvana. They list under "optional" if the Spark has a quick charger.
  3. jim

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    I also now use an OBDII reader and the TORQUE APP with the Chevy PIDS from a facebook forum on the SPARK EV. I only have 13.3 kWh battery Cap left. All the other 12 I have checked are from 14.4 to over 16.6 kWh. My neighbor has a 2015 with 90K miles and good battery CAp at 14.8
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  4. Cypress

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    What OBDII reader do you have? Does the Torque App work on iPhones?
  5. Alex Soto

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    I've had my Spark EV since November and I've only gotten like 50 miles per charge. How can I increase my range?
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  6. Cypress

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    Lots of factors.
    Where do you live?

    Is it cold there in the winter?

    Are you using your heater full blast? You can increase efficiency by using the HVAC Auto mode setting, and setting for a comfortable room temp like 68deg. Or just using the seat heater.

    If you have a usual commute time in the morning, and it is cold in the morning, you can use the departure time charge setting. This will warm up the battery, which will increase efficiency, as well as not use the power for preconditioning the battery.

    If you have L2 charging at home, you can also preheat the cabin while plugged in (using the app or the key fob). It will start up the HVAC at the last used settings. Then you are using house power instead of battery power.

    Other that, the usual driving efficiency tips. Stay at 60mph or under on highway, don’t hammer then accelerator.
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