SoCal Honda was giving away free gas to hybrid owners

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by melklim, Apr 20, 2019.

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    all this week for Earth Day. I got mine this morning and filled up with one gallon of gas after traveling 270 miles on the odometer. haha
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  3. 4sallypat

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    Gee, my Clarity has only a gallon to fill - it's pretty much full tank here....

    I guess the PHEV is not useful to fill up during Earth month ?

    On the other hand, my thirsty BMW ICE could use about 16 gallons....
  4. KClark

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    Today is the last day of the promotion, they are in Glendale, the 76 station at the corner of Colorado and Adams. It’s not far from my work and luckily my tank was getting low. I got 5 gallons for free and I never would’ve known about it without this forum. Thanks melklim for posting.

    When I got the car last December I started keeping a tally of gas used. I last filled up on February 18 when we were on a President’s day trip out of state. Since then I’ve driven 2250 miles and used 5 gallons of gas.
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