Rav4 Prime (price paid)

Discussion in 'Rav4 Prime' started by onix, Jan 31, 2021.

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  1. onix

    onix New Member

    Would like to calibrate my purchase price to what others have recently paid for this PHEV.
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  3. Arbab Amjad

    Arbab Amjad New Member

    $52K for Rav4 Prime XSE
  4. sc@ev

    sc@ev New Member

    I have been quoted between $5k-$10k over MSRP. I refuse to pay more than MSRP. I will wait until supply catches up with demand.
  5. onix

    onix New Member

    Toyota's own website quotes $41,425 for the base XSE model. Where did you buy, and what options did you get?
  6. Arbab Amjad

    Arbab Amjad New Member

    Mine is with premium package and few extras. MSRP was 51k for this vehicle.
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  8. gonzo

    gonzo New Member

    Managed to find an XSE with the premium audio package and got it for 48.5k. MSRP was 46k but the dealership required that you get the clear guarding and scotch guard service which bumped it the 2.5k. Not the worst considering I at least got something for being asked to pay above MSRP which was better than any other dealership in the area. Next best was asking 3k above MSRP
  9. onix

    onix New Member

    Geographic location, gonzo? Some have PM’ed getting MSRP, but way out in the woods.
  10. gonzo

    gonzo New Member

    Portland, OR
  11. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    It would be very helpful if people reporting the price they paid (or were quoted) also gave the name of the dealer and even the salesperson. Also, OTD (Out-The-Door) prices are the easiest to compare.
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  13. gonzo

    gonzo New Member

    Good call insightman. Doesn’t help much without all the info. Dealership was Ron Tonkin Toyota, salesman Wade.

    as another note, they were only selling to customers with a Portland address because of the high demand
  14. onix

    onix New Member

    Walked into the dealership in Oakland, CA. Not the yuppiest neighborhood. Salesperson said $20K over MSRP without a single one in stock. Buuhahahahaha!!! I left without a word.
  15. gonzo

    gonzo New Member

    That’s almost half of the MSRP!?!? Crazy thing is knowing the area someone might actually pay that...

    Glad I only stayed in the Bay Area for 2 years, those prices are insane. Might as well get a Tesla or a luxury car at that point

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