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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Flyboy

    Flyboy New Member

    That is an awesome deal.

    Those colors have more discount than the maroon or green or white is it true?
  2. RataTejas

    RataTejas New Member

    Agreed. Excellent deal. If I didn’t have one sitting in my lap in town and had found the forum first I probably could have saved a few grand. Still ok with the deal but not enthusiastic :D
  3. fargledaer

    fargledaer New Member

    Purchased a 2018 touring today for $28150 before tax and state fees in Florida. Unfortunately in black, which was not my color preference in this hell state, but the nearest dealer with my preferred color was 150mi away and the local dealer would not entertain the idea of shipping from another dealership since they had 4 clarities (all black) on the lot not selling already. Still, pretty happy overall. Good thing it has remote climate control.

    If anyone can recommend a good windshield sun shade for the clarity, let me know!
  4. MajorAward

    MajorAward Active Member

    Dont feel too bad about that color. Check out this one in black. That is one bad**s Clarity
  5. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    I have black and I debadged the three Plug-In Hybrid badges, makes it look much cleaner like the pictures in the link you provided. I think black probably benefits most from debadging because the Plug-In badges seem to stand out more. On the back mine still says Clarity and Touring but it looks much better with the Plug-In Hybrid badge removed from the back also.

    One good thing about black is that it hides some of the "unusual" styling of Clarity. The front bumper matches the grill which I think looks better, the rear small black window matches the rest of the rear, the front air scoops are less noticeable, especially the black plastic insert, same with the black plastic inserts on the rear. But most important it hides the controversial rear fender skirts. In fact the fender skirts are how I identify the other (rare) Clarities that I see on the road in Atlanta, but I have trouble sometimes finding my car in a parking lot because I'm looking for the rear fender skirts but they are not very visible on a black car.

    People have reported that ceramic window tinting helps a lot. Also I suspect you will become close friends with remote climate control. As you leave your car, if you will be returning to the car within a half hour or so, on the key fob click the lock button once, then press and hold the fan button for a few seconds. The parking lights will flash in two sets of three (some type of secret code apparently) which means you have successfully turned on climate control. It will run for up to thirty minutes. If you will be inside longer than that you can turn on climate using the smartphone app if you can remember to do so about thirty minutes before you leave. If you wait until just before you leave it won't be much help. The app is somewhat quirky, and some people have problems with it, even when it's working right it is pretty slow. But I have pretty good luck with it for remotely turning on climate. Launch the app and then click "Turn on Climate", it doesn't always give confirmation that it is running but when I get back to my car I can tell it did turn on the AC. It seems to run AC at lower power than when driving so don't expect it to be frosty cool when you get to your car but at least it takes some of the heat out. Also an oddity, when you return to your car, if you open the passenger door first you will hear the AC fan still running, but if you open the driver door the AC immediately shuts off for some reason. That actually was initially causing me to think it wasn't working because I would get to my car and open the driver door and I didn't hear the fan so I thought it hadn't been running, even though it was.

    There is another feature on the app "Schedule Climate" that is the one people seem to have problems with. Like many people I can't even get past clicking "Enable" it just hangs. But manually turning on climate seems to work pretty good.
  6. Clarity_Newbie

    Clarity_Newbie Active Member


    WeatherTech has a very good sunshade which is cut-to-fit. One option to consider.

    Hope this helps.
  7. fargledaer

    fargledaer New Member

    Thanks for the climate control advice. I already set up the app, and can confirm it is indeed slow and quirky, but eventually works. Sometimes after killing it and restarting. Hopefully this will get better over the years and Honda won’t just “fix” the problem by dropping support for older vehicles in 5 years when they roll out HondaLink™️ 2.0 because the one SW developer who worked on the original version already quit and nobody can unwind the spaghetti left behind.

    I’ve never tinted before, partially because I think most tints look a bit ugly, but mostly because it makes no sense to me that it actually cools a car. A car gets hotter than ambient because EM energy comes in and bounces around a lot and can’t get out as easily as it came in. A tint might reduce the light coming in, but it also reduces the light that can get out so more gets trapped. Now if you use a very reflective tint, or some fancy one-way material, or something almost completely opaque, I can believe it would help. I’ve never measured this — it’s an uneducated opinion and I admit I may be acting like my father explaining to another annoyed stranger why climate change is a vast conspiracy orchestrated by the powerful green energy cabal, but I do know anecdotally that tinted cars feel just as hot to me as nontinted when my *** hits the seat. I don’t want to derail this thread so if you want to call me an idiot and an all around unsavory individual, please create a new thread or send me a PM.

    Regarding the black color concealing the styling of the clarity, that is true. But in my opinion the rear wheel cover looks great and Honda are cowards for making so many dark colors and not owning their unique look by gluing sparkling gemstones all over those wheel wells so that everyone can look upon them with envy and feel personal shame and failure over the extreme aerodynamic drag their own cars must experience.
  8. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Color discussion is okay because most people reading this thread are shopping. The fender skirts are the single most common negative thing that is said about the Clarity styling when reading reviews or even blog comments. That's a fact whether we agree with it or not that many people are turned off by it, others are more charitable and refer to it as quirky. Yes they don't know it's aerodynamic, but how would they unless they read an article about Clarity which the average person won't be doing. Although many of the comments are based on photos, for some reason in photos the skirts stand out more than in person. For someone who likes the skirts great. Personally I spend most of my time inside the car so I don't really pay too much attention to what it looks like :) but to a lot of people styling is important which is fine, but not much you can do about it other than the choice of color.

    Last comment on ceramic tint, you should do some searches in this forum on it. People say it really works, costs a little more but it apparently blocks more infrared light than visible, meaning you can meet the legal requirements in your state for the percentage of visible light that has to come through, but still block quite a bit of IR. Car interiors get hot because infrared light comes through the windows into the interior and heats the upholstery, the dash etc. which then heats the air in the cabin. The hot air cannot escape that's why it gets so hot as the IR light continues coming in adding more heat. Yes the tinting may also block some of the IR from the interior that would otherwise radiate out through the windows, but that's not nearly as much heat as the barrage of IR heat coming in from the sun.
  9. MajorAward

    MajorAward Active Member

    Badges are a personal thing, and some are worse than others. I remember "V8", "Fuel Injection", and "Disc Brakes" badges from decades ago. Can you imagine seeing a vehicle with a "Disc Brakes" badge today? As for the Clarity, I think they all come off with fishing line except the BIG H on front. For me, the the side ones had to go. My wife wanted to keep all the rear ones, so those are all there for now. One day when she's not looking...Zappo. I'll put them in a drawer then tape them back on when the time comes.
  10. EVERY TIME I see a Mercedes with badging that boldly states "4Matic" I laugh out loud!
    I know it is supposed to mean something else (auto all wheel drive mode blah blah blah) but it reads like they are bragging about a "4 speed automatic" transmission! :) What is it 1976?
  11. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Did WeatherTech's camera run out of film before they got around to fitting their sunshade to a Clarity? "Representative photo gallery," indeed!
  12. Central Penn

    Central Penn New Member

    I'll spare you the details (or can PM them to you if you'd really like to know), but my experience with Darcars was largely underwhelming (but no, they did not try to change terms). When all was said and done though, they sold me a great car at a price that I'm happy with. If the need arises, I would be open to doing business with them again -- but I would be more inclined to give somewhere else a try if they offered similar terms.

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  13. Clarity_OC

    Clarity_OC New Member

    Hi, First time posting...purchased a 2019 Touring (without any dealer installed equipment) for $29,500 plus TTL in the LA area dealer (Keys Van Nuys). I emailed half a dozen dealers in OC / LA area, but this was the best price without negotiating in person. The next closest was about $900 higher. Hope this helps anyone looking for a Clarity in the So Cal area.
  14. aechow

    aechow New Member

    2019 Touring for $32,4xx OTD in the San Joaquin Valley (California). I had a price about $1k better for a wine country dealer but he didn’t actually have a car on the lot to sell me (kept saying he was working on getting one but pushed our appointment several times as no other dealer wanted to send him a car) so I went with a local dealer that was able to get pretty close.

    Talked with the sales guy while we did the test drive - he said probably 90% of his Clarity sales are internet inquiries versus walk ins. Gets a lot of out of area people coming over. Also said Clarity buyers tend to be well educated, have researched the car a lot and know what they want, and a lot of cash buyers. Because of this I felt like he didn’t play games with me. We had agreed on the price before I came in, they matched my trade in value for Carmax, and matched the Saccucchi price for extended warranty (although they grumbled about that one). Price was not dependent on financing and they didn’t bother me about using my credit union. A very pleasant experience.

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  15. S L .

    S L . Member

    2019 base for $26,200 + ttl in socal area. Honda world downey. Trade in my 2018 base for $21,500. Net out of pocket is $7,500. After the tax credit it’s like getting an upgrade for free.

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  16. SSSS

    SSSS New Member

    Hello all,

    This forum has been quite helpful in understanding pricing. This is indeed a great car. Does anyone have any luck or pointers in MA and NH area? Please share any details that can help.

    I have been trying but the pricing seems much higher that what folks are seeing on this forum.

    Thank you in advance.
  17. SSSS

    SSSS New Member

    I see that online site carguru is saying that the 2019 touring before the destination can be had at a price of 27263. Is this realistic to get to?
  18. Sthomasa

    Sthomasa New Member

    Bought a 2019 base, white for 28,343. Wish I'd worked a bit more. 6k off seemed like a great deal but feel like I could have grinded a bit more. Got a good trade in price. Guess I just wanted it...
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  19. LZXRAY

    LZXRAY New Member

    Yes, correct. $29K OTD in Virginia

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  20. SSSS

    SSSS New Member

    Thank you. Will you be able to share the dealer name and the sales person? Even though I am not from the area, it seems worthwhile compared to what I am seeing in MA.

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