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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Central Penn

    Central Penn New Member

    Darcars Honda ( Bowie, MD)
    2018 Touring
    $37,495 MSRP
    $27,479 Sale Price
    $300 Dealer Fees
    $29,500 OTD

    Thank you to everyone who has shared information on this thread. It was extremely helpful.
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  2. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a great price to me. You should ask the dealer what Service Bulletin updates have been performed, make sure the tires have the correct 36 psi pressure, and make sure they installed the 4 rubber plugs under the car (see PDI).
  3. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Here are some sample VIN's that will help you to estimate, these are the last five digits

    23567 12/18
    22992 11/18
    21454 10/18
    19874 10/18
    19299 9/18
    19197 9/18
    17310 8/18
    14284 5/18
    12230 4/18
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  4. Bender

    Bender Member

    Thanks! Looks like 3/18 for green and 6/18 for silver.
  5. narined

    narined New Member

    Hi all, I'm shopping in San Francisco Bay area for clarity base model. I would appreciate any referrals. Thank youi!
  6. Grant

    Grant New Member

    Those are some nice prices, Bender. Good luck!

    The one we test drove was a green one of around that vintage, and they might have moved it that day for 30ish if they had been willing to move even a little, as I hadn't researched what was available yet pricewise. (Didn't know exactly how discounted they were, I just figured paying the initial ask - literally the tag hanging in the windshield - was likely an overpay on a prior MY car that obviously was garnering no interest at that number.)

    We ended up moving on to a while different car in the weeks that followed that test drive, but pretty sure the car is still sitting there.
  7. Flyboy

    Flyboy New Member

    So got our Honda Clarity. Final price OTD was 29,900 plus taxes which came to 32,200 in Florida. Seems bit higher than other states. Could have bargained more for other color (silver, black, grey or white, but didn't want those colors, especially the ones with black interior). The county I live in has a bit higher taxes which added extra 500. Over-all pretty happy with the deal. We wanted the crimson pearl with beige. There were only two of those left in all of Florida. So we got what we wanted.

    With the tax rebate and sold my previous car (lost 2k on that over a period of 3 years). The end cost of clarity would be about 10,700. Not bad for a brand new car.

    Got Honda financing to get some rebates. Will pay off the loan in 2-3 months. So all good.

    Thanks to the forum for the information.
  8. alecbray

    alecbray New Member

    Houston, base model. OTD 29k including all tax, destination fees, dealing tinting extras.
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  9. Bender

    Bender Member

    What rebates? On a 2018? Ive asked and haven't found. Buying within 2hrs from now (driving there now). Also, rate/term? Thanks
  10. RataTejas

    RataTejas New Member

    I think the Houston guys are about done having them sit around. No one seems to be bringing in 2019's and they're in full pimp mode for the Insight. I look forward to maybe seeing another Clarity on the road.
  11. narined

    narined New Member

    What are rebates if you are going with Honda Financing?
  12. RataTejas

    RataTejas New Member

    It depends on your region. Here in Texas it's a swift kick in the nuts.
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  13. Bender

    Bender Member

    Thanks for everyone's input. I bought one!

    2 days before the trek to buy, was assured the HV battery capacity could be checked no problem.

    Ended up taking an overnight for finishing make ready. Only $100 for me for HGI, so OK. I'm still happy overall. Got a switch in terms from agreed that was also painful, but could have been a communications disconnect or mistake. They had 3 cars and I specifically asked if all three were the same agreed price (de-risking my up-front travel costs) so I could choose between them at the time. Negotiated an extra $500 off to buy that day before I came out to buy (on a workday). Ended up "it was only for specific ___ vehicle, you could also this other one, but for this one that's 2 months newer it is more". The 2nd one had a scuff on the side they said they could buff out the next day but also a panel misalignment (at least) that stuck out to me. Before test drive convinced me I wanted silver instead of green. I ended up with the one the test drive was with and cost me $400 more. Plus a nights hotel stay ($100). So I ended up with where I started before the last negotiation. Had to wait for the next day to get the car washed. Took an hour or two finally the actual service guy was asked and he said his tech finally looked up and saw how to do it but it would take some tinkering around, so offered that I could come back 2 days later (Monday) and they'd read the battery capacity. Also they printed out something showing no service campaigns had been applied or were applicable.

    +, the plugs are installed. +, the one I picked up was stored inside the main building some of the time, so had less age (visible on the rubber, such as the front hood). +, only 40 miles on the vehicle (17 on one of the others). +, the price was still very good. -, tint had a few minor defects, not a big deal to me -- was told "as-is because we're losing $4k".

    Silver 2018 Clarity Touring. Window sticker showed dealer add-ons of: $599 WINCOS TINT, $1699 CILAJET AVIATION GRADE (what in the ever-lving-*???? Who would pay for this nonsense normally? Or do they just use the joke add-ons for negotiation space?).
    Price paid: $26333.83 (25934.83+399 for tint and to buy their newest by 3 months vehicle).
    OTD: 28399.
    After Tax Credit: $20899.

    I politely turned down the third party warranties that would have brough the 28399 to $33k. Had to initial about 50 times on 8 different papers to decline all these protections.

    Overall a decent experience except the change that got me and then still took so long somehow. Glad I hopefully don't have to visit any dealerships for another 10 years+... except for the oil changes.
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  14. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    On the other thread you said you purchased from a California dealer and flew in from another state? California will not refund the sales tax paid even if the car is registered in another state. If your state charges sales tax they may not charge you tax if you paid it already in California but you will need to check on that. However even if you wind up paying extra sales tax you got a great deal, about $10,000 off of MSP and then the $7,500 fed credit which I think you said in other thread you will be able to take. Mfg date is approx 6/18 so the car was probably on the lot about ten to eleven months. But that won't affect future resale since only the model year matters. You didn't indicate if you are staying for the battery test, if not you might be able to get your local dealer to do it, they will probably want to charge but maybe a call to Honda will change their mind, worth a chance anyway.
  15. Bender

    Bender Member

    I was arranging travel for that for a '19 but then I found the '18 several hours drive away that responded to my "I am looking at a '19 for $29k but I'd have more logistics to get it from another state. I don't know how bad yall want to get rid of your inventory. I know it's a longshot, but what can you do on the '18?". Correct on CA sales tax. I would have paid an extra 1% that I would not be refunded (but that would have only been~$300).

    The 2018 cost me about $3100 less OTD than the CA 2019 would have, that includes the $300 sales tax.

    But my logistics cost risk was also reduced by going with the newer dealer. Although I think my uncertainty was higher due to older vehicles.

    Basically I had about a 1/4 or less of the $ risk (if arrive and had to turn back as no-go on deal). And if I instead assume either deal would have fully worked out and adding in logistics costs, the '18 ended up about $4k less than the '19.

    No. I was even least worried about the HV battery on the one I bought of the 3 at the location, although I AM curious what it is at and would like to track it over time... Not sure if I can get it read locally without paying unreasonable amounts. I'll check whenever the oil change is.
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  16. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    First, you got a great price. Good work! If you had selected the green one (which I have), you'd need to wash it before and after the journey home. Then the next day, too. The silver one you picked won't show dirt the way dark colors do, so you'll like that.
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  17. Bender

    Bender Member

    That's what they told me to have me pick silver, also my dad I brought along to drive back the rental had the same comments about washing. But then when we got to price (where they were originally supposed to be the same) it was "oh, that quote was only for green.... or you could take the older silver. Oh, you found a mar on the paint -- that'll buff right out tomorrow. Oh, that panel misalignment is normal." At least they only added on $400 for tint and didn't even attempt to say I'd also have to pay $1700 for their paint coating that was on the window sticker.... I think the "all should be the same" was just a lost detail from the earlier conversation, I should have verified. Lesson learned. Try to get all the details repeated in writing before you set out. I'm still very happy, the minor curveball did drag out the decision time though last night.

    Heh. The funny part is the other reason I was relieved to avoid CA was there was just a silver in stock for that deal at the time, but I wanted a green or dark grey. Thanks though for confirming the washing. I rarely washed my previous car. Probably have gone a 1yr oil change where last wash was with the last oil change once or twice through the 10yrs...

    I would say that I still dislike the look from the back of the car of the silver or other light colors. It makes that weird window almost-hatchback-but-not trunk stick out. And from the side the rear wheel well doesn't bother me but it seems much more visible on the light colors, because the darker colors are closer to the black color of the tire that is covered. But, the head-on view of the car is OK in silver vs the darker colors. The salesman who gave the test drive also had a Clarity. He said he was planning to vinyl the top portion of the car black (like the Clarity Electric). I'm not sure about how that would look. Guess could do that to the top and maybe the trunk as well and it would make that window stick out less.
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  18. Kj22

    Kj22 New Member

    How was your experience with Darcars? They get mixed reviews? Did they try to change any terms on you?
  19. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    I thought vinyl roofs went away in the 80s! To be authentic, it will need to have fake stitched seams applied, too.

    It's the Clarity Fuel Cell that has the roof and pillars painted black, not the Clarity Electric.
  20. Flyboy

    Flyboy New Member

    I am a recent graduate so got 500 off. Not a big amount but still. Why not get it. So in a way car costed me 31,700.

    I did get some warranties from the dealer. But can cancel it in 60 days for full refund. That is an extra cost to look into for later.

    Few extras include locking nut and tint and carpets. Didn't get the all weather mats.

    The beige interior out in the sun got to 122 F. The remote climate control helps a lot. Plus we have free charging at work.
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