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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. su_A_ve

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    Definitely not. It is based on the area. Dealers bid and Costco awards them the geographic area. In my case I was in the borderline of two dealers, but both were off by about $25. I was trying to get a PA dealer north of Philadelphia but some north NJ dealer got that awarded. But over 2K more. I think it was because PA is not part of the special dealer cash ZEV states are getting.

    In fact, the Costco price for the dealer I'm going with already went up about $600 (still honoring the price I got).
  2. Odobo

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    Hmmm.... No, Stockton isn't considered Bay area.... Not in general anyway
  3. Alex0913

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    I paid for the base 31,600 before Taxes and registration. The deal included splash guards, paint protection sealant, hydrogen filled tires, film that protects the doors when closed (forgot the name). I don’t have an invoice price. Good luck!
  4. insightman

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    Hydrogen filled tires! You must have the lightest Clarity PHEV around. I wonder how much using that gas improves your car's efficiency? I also wonder if the tiny hydrogen molecules leak out of tires faster than regular air or nitrogen?
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  5. Abhishek Singh

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    Kathy, I stay in Livermore. I was collecting quotes for both trims, and the lowest I had for Base was $30,923 + TTL from Concord Honda. I guess Stockton might be able to beat even that quote.
  6. Abhishek Singh

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    Stockton isn't considered Bay Area. But such geo tags don't bother me when it comes to saving money. ☺️☺️
  7. 2018 Honda Clarity Touring. Purchased in North Carolina. Paid $34,900. Got the D80 (8 year, 100,000 mile) Honda Care plan for $1,304.

    This forum saved me thousands of dollars.
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  8. jeff10236

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    I don't remember the exact price without looking it up. It was in the mid to upper $29 something range. I went through so I don't know if I could have negotiated a lower price, but I know I got a decent price (most participating dealers were quoting between $30-31K). That was mid-June. Mine is the base model and that was before tax, tags, and registration, plus I went with the extended warranty which increased what I paid. I'm quite happy with my deal, and the dealer's customer service was great at sale (we'll see how they are for service).
  9. Alex0913

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    I must have mixed hydrogen with nitrogen haha. My bad, anyways I have read that it is kinda bogus when dealers charge for that. I don’t have a clue. They listed that item as included and didn’t charge me extra for it so I just went with it.
  10. ywallet

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    Assuming this was for a base version?
  11. ywallet

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    What was the “other” dealership?

    So bummed I missed the WA sales tax rebate. That’s 3K.
  12. Crota

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    Got a great deal on my Clarity Touring in Southern California, happened to have a friend at the dealership. Purchase price was below $34k and OTD price was below $37k. Look fore more great deals as the 2019s become available.
  13. mattheo0118

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    Hi Everyone!

    I just bought a Clarity Plug-in base in Modern Steel yesterday in San Diego. I paid $29,924+TTL (this price includes the protection package (cargo tray/wheel lock/splash guard). This was the best deal I have found in the last 2 months of searching all over SoCal. If anyone wants details let me know. I can give you all the information to get the same price.

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  14. Kdennis

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    DO you mind if i ask where this was? Just got back from a dealership and they wouldn't budge on price... Didnt even make a counteroffer...well they did..but their counter offer was the same as their original offer.
  15. geminiwave

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    I missed out on that too. Real shame...

    I took the recommendation of many here and got some quotes from dealers Oregon. All of them were below 32,000 for the base. I had one offer down to $30,500 (not including TTL since I’ll be paying those in WA) but drove down to Seattle Honda to see if I could get close to that. The dealer didn’t show me any base models despite me saying I was not interested in touring, and would not budge from $500 off MSRP. He told me the places in Oregon quoting lower were lying to me and invited me to leave the dealership. It was kind of a bullshit experience actually. I didn’t even get to test drive the car.
  16. Young J Kwak

    Young J Kwak Member

    Sorry I should have mentioned that it was for the Touring.

    White Touring - $38,000 OTD w/ TTL and a few minor accessories.
    Dealer was Sterling McCall Honda in Kingwood, TX outside of Houston.
  17. Young J Kwak

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    Hi Smitty74

    Does that price include Tax / Tag / Registration? If it does, then what a deal!
  18. That was out the door price. I got a great deal. Mostly by getting quotes from other local dealers via true car, and getting an online quote for Honda care that my local dealer matched.
  19. su_A_ve

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    Costco pricing does not include 0.9/1.9 special Honda financing or price is 1500 more. But Open Road said they would give me that regardless. Hamilton matched Open Road (as I had it in writing).

    I purchased from Hamilton Honda. Open Road Honda also had the same Costco price (29,300) which included their dealer added stuff (only wheel locks were useful - the rest was fabric protection and other snake oil kind of stuff). I did get internet pricing from DCH Academy Honda also for 29,300, except they would add 200 for nitro fill. But could not get them to confirm in writing that the price included Honda's special financing.

    I went with Hamilton because they are closer to me and their dealer added stuff (included in the Costco price) were wheel locks, trunk tray and mud guards.
  20. 0946AAD2-57B1-4619-B442-7F4D0C86441A.jpeg I forgot I got them to put the deal in writing, maybe this will help someone else in negotiating. This is what I paid for a touring model.
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